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Clover had been gone for over three weeks, she was weak and had gotten skinnier. She looked frail and small even a tad more paler. She would always smile at Bree then pass out.

But right now she was in Victoria's clutches in wolf form and she was too weak to even contact anyone. When Victoria jumped onto the branch and gave everyone a jump, Isabella, Edward and Seth both looked at her then to Clover. Seth looked like he was trying to contact her but her eyes were shut and she was unconscious.

Victoria has thrown her against the wall and tried to run off seeing as Riley was getting rag dolled across the ground, by Seth.


After the fight was over Seth had phased back and pulled on his cutoffs, running over to his friend. Picking up her weak wolf gently and running back down the hill were everyone was.

"Guys!" He called out causing everyone to look over seeing the wolf pup in his arms. The pack had looked at their pup, growling a little while the Cullens looked at her in sympathy.

"I need her to shift back, so I can take a look, she's gaining conscious and she can't be in that form." Carlisle said looking over at the pack. They went to phase back while Emmett dealt with the last one who was going to attack Leah.

They came over and Seth knelt down putting her on the ground. Jared got on his knees and asked her gently before stroking her fur. "Can you shift back clover." The pup let out a whine and shifted back.

Isabella had gasped to see her sister in such condition, Carlisle touched her causing her to flinch. "Her ribs are all broken. I can fix it up when the Volturi leave, because they won't honour a truce with you all." He said causing the pack to snap out at looking at her.

They nodded, "we'll take her to Emily's." Sam said nodding to Jared to pick her up. Clover groaned at being moved around. They pack kept trying to calm her down as she whimpered.

Her breathing kept getting stuck in her own throat as she was trying to steady it. They made it back to Emily's and noticed, Emily running out gasping as she saw Clover beaten laying in Jared's arms.

Clover had been in little space the whole time but said nothing. She noticed Embry had his arm wrapped around a certain newborn it was Bree! The pack knew Bree was safe and that she wasn't going to do anything. They couldn't hurt her especially since Embry imprinted on her.

Jared laud her down in the spare bedroom while he and Sam waiting inside and the rest stay out. Carlisle came up no thanks to his stench. Helped fix the young wolf who kept screaming and crying. It was worse then last time. The morphine was added and kinda helped but didn't that much.

"Daddy!" She sobbed out, reaching out towards Jared. Jared grabbed her small bony hand in his giant one and kissed it. Once he was done, he went outside and spoke to everyone except Jared who stayed behind.

"Your safe now baby, everyone is here for you and protect you." He said as everyone walked through the door, smiling down at her. She had her eyes on Jared the whole time. Emily has came up and gave Jared the giant adult sized baby bottle and he fed it to her making her fall asleep.

She knew she was found and wasn't ever going to grow up. She was happy to be back!

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