The Directive

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It was the usual nightmares that woke me that morning, as I climbed out of bed I rolled my eyes at my mind's inability to at least come up with something new. Doctor Miller trying to kill me was becoming boring. I quickly got ready for the day, as it was already 7:45 and I had another lesson with Axel at 8. I threw on a clean shirt and some pants, grabbed a slice of toast in the kitchen, and made it to the meeting room with time to spare. Axel was already waiting for me, he gestured towards the chair in front of him and we got started.

 I hadn't improved much in the week and a half since we started, but it did take me a little longer before I got exhausted, so at least there was that. About two hours had passed when he finally said the lesson was over. I stood up on shaky legs and gave a sigh.

"You are still too forceful," Axel said as we made our way out of the room. 

"You still haven't given me another way to do it," I replied, frustrated with my lack of progress.

"You are improving, you will get it soon enough." 

I just nodded and thanked him as we went our separate ways. I had lunch duty so I figured I would get there early and walked into the kitchen. It was mostly empty, save for two people behind the counter, my heart sank a little as I saw Ben. I stepped around the counter and walked towards the sink to wash my hands, he didn't so much as look up at me. The other girl, who was smearing butter on some burger buns, smiled as a way of greeting. 

Ben hadn't exactly warmed up to me yet, despite him being with Griffin and I a lot of the time. It didn't take long for me to realize there was something between them, though neither of them had admitted it yet. I tried my best to ignore his sneers as I helped prepare lunch, which had been burgers. Soon it was twelve and people started filing into the room, grabbing plates as fast as we could get them out. When we were finally done I grabbed my own plate and collapsed onto a chair in the dining room. 

When I had finished my food I took my empty plate back to the kitchen and stalked up to my room for a shower. I peeled off my clothes, I wasn't sure if the sweat covering my skin was from the earlier lesson or because of the heat from the stove as I flipped burgers. I stood in the shower for as long as I could without feeling guilty about using all the hot water, cursing my conscious as I got out into the steam filled room. I dried myself off and got dressed, contemplating whether or not I should take a nap when someone started banging on my door. The sound alone was enough to bring flashbacks of me running from the ACU in my old apartment building flashing through my mind. I pushed them away, but my stomach couldn't help but sink a little. 

"Coming," I said, my voice shaky. But before I could even reach the door it swung open with such force I jumped back. My heart gave a leap as I saw Finn standing in the doorway, I almost sagged in relief, but then I saw his expression.


"You need to see this. Now!" He reached for my arm and basically dragged me out of my room. I was more surprised than offended, as he had always been so shy and timid this behavior was really out of character. Nerves began to bubble in the pit of my stomach, he had let go of my arm and I had to sprint to keep up with him. He finally stopped in front of his bedroom and opened the door, vehemently gesturing for me to go in. It hadn't changed much since my last visit, though the curtains were now pulled open and the bed was made. I looked towards the wall of computer screens to see the whole group of "leaders" standing in front of it. They were all staring at one of the bigger screens in the middle. As Finn and I rushed closer I could see a news anchor standing in front of a large, white courthouse. Her words drifted through the room.

"As far as we have been told, this Directive comes from the president himself and has been met with great support and enthusiasm by lawmakers and citizens alike. This vote could have great implications for many cities, especially those plagued by increased rates of homelessness."

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