I Wish...

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If I had one wish,

I'd wish for this:

For the moment in time,

When we first kissed.


For the times we laughed,

And the times I cried.

To erase the memory,

When you first lied.


To share the love,

As well as the pain.

To stop wishing,

It was still the same.


I hope and I pray,

For those memories again.

But all my hoping and wishing,

Is all in vain.


I wish for the memories,

But not for you.

Because my love died,

The moment we were through.


I wish you hadn't started,

What you did.

I wish for no lies,

To know the secrets that you hid.


But above all else,

I wish to be free.

Because your love,

No longer frightens me.

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