Chapter 49

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Ayesha's POV

We finally entered our mansion. Meena aunty welcomed us. I wasn't even able to meet her eyes.

As we came inside, I took hold of her hands into mine.

" I am sorry, Aunty. I don't know like how I should even apologise to you. I behaved like a psychopath that day. I lost my control that day. " I apologised.

" It's okay, beta. I understand... It wasn't your fault. " She said and kissed my forehead.

I hugged her and then Neil led us to our bedroom. Everything was back to normal.

" Angel, you go and change. I have got some work to do which I will be doing here on the couch. " He said pointing at the couch while I just nodded.

I went inside the closet and changed into some comfortable clothes. I came back to the room only to find Neil still dressed up in his 3 piece suit and working on the laptop.

I then went to the bed and lied on my side. He shifted his gaze at me after hearing the sound of me ruffling the duvet.

" I will leave to the office room. Meanwhile, you can switch off the lights and sleep here comfortably. " He said getting up from the couch holding his laptop by both of his hands.

" No need... " I said getting up a bit.

" I am fine with you working here. Anyways, I am not at sleepy. I am just lying on the bed for namesake only. " I replied to which he nodded.

He then settled on the couch again and started working. I was lying on the bed continously looking at him.

I was admiring his features openly when after some time he looked at me and raised his eyebrow.

" What ? Is it an offence to admire one's own husband ? " I asked.

" No, it isn't. " He said with a smirk and shook his head. After that, he didn't even glance at me and continued his work.

After 1 hour, he closed his laptop and stretched his arms. I was still awake eyeing his activities. He looked at me and smiled as soon as he realised that I was still awake.

He came and then lied on his side of the bed.

" Why are you still awake ? " He asked turning towards me.

" I am not able to sleep. " I replied honestly.

" Hmmm... Me too. I have been hardly sleeping 2-3 hours since the last few days. " He said.

" I know... These black bags under your eyes says it all. " I replied pointing at them.

" I can't sleep without holding you in my arms. " He said while I smiled.

There was a pin drop silence for few minutes. We were just gazing each other.

" You should go and change. Why are you wearing these clothes even when we are at home ? " I asked breaking the silence.

" I will... I just want to keep looking at you. I still feel that it's a dream that you are here beside me. " He said.

" Trust me, it's not. " I said and pulled him towards me by his collar or more specifically went towards him because this man didn't even budge. I looked at his eyes and then pecked on his lips and then on both of his eyes.

" How much I miss this ! " He exclaimed.

" Me too... " I replied.

I rested my head on his chest while he wrapped both of his hands around me. He was caressing my bare arm by the back of his hand.

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