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Sidharth was standing just outside avu's room lost in his thoughts. Meanwhile inside the room avu was also in the same condition.

After half an hour avu  came out of the room

Oh god how I'm I going to face him. It seems like no one is here. Let me go to the kitchen and have something.

As she was climbing down the stairs she got a call. It was Reem.
(As I'm a bit lazy I'm not writing Reem's part of conversation)

Hey Reem tell..
Yeah... But something happened.
No it's not what you think.

Avu tells Reem about the incident that happened before. Now Avneet has reached the kitchen. She didn't realise that Sid was standing there and was continuing her conversation with Reem.

Yaar don't tease me... It was an accident.


You are telling things as if we guys are dating or something.


No I don't


Yes he is hot....but...


Listening to Reem she turned towards the table and saw Sid there. She didn't know what to do.

God why are you doing this to me. It seems as if he was not listening to my conversation. It's better to go to my room.

She went to her room with a packet of little hearts. Sitting in her bed she was constantly thinking about the things happed from the morning and what Reem told. Hear thoughts were interrupted by a thud sound. She moved towards the door to see who was it . It was Sid .

S hey

A you here

S why. Can't I come to a room in my place

A no it's not like that . Come in
(He had a cup in his hand)

S I have made coffe. So thought of giving you also

A thank you

S so you are Reem's childhood frnd

A yes. She is the only friend I ve

S so you guys share everything

A yes why

S nothing just asked

Avu was about to take a sip of the coffe when Sid asked.

so you think I'm hot

What he heard it!!!! You are done keran.

A ahe...m... Ac....t.u....ally...... I......

S what I??

A n..o....y......ou.......

S Avneet what happened to you I just asked you a simple question and you are behaving like I have asked you for a date or something. Anyways sorry for what have happened before I should have knoked the door before entering.

Ho God why this boy like this . Now he changed the covo into yet another topic with I'm not interested in taking with him.

A no need to say sorry. In the first place I should have locked the room

Before he opens his mouth. Let me shoot.

A by the way where is vibha aunty.

S oh she went out. Will be back soon.

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