Future King

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The whispers are carried through the trees,

Into the vast unknown.

Hidden behind the closed door,

The Secrets are never shown.


'Step up, step up, put key to lock,

And take a look around.'

The Secrets have been hiden from you,

Never making a sound.


'Trust your heart,' whisper they,

They know your heart's desire.

'For good fortune comes to those who wait,

Be patient future sire.'


The prince stepped back, alarmed,

The Secrets knew his name.

He ran back up to the castle,

His mind was never the same.


Years passed in a hurry,

The Secrets' voice in his mind.

If he followed their instructions,

Is the crown what he would find?


Day by day and year by year.

He waited long and hard.

Soon a crown was placed on his head,

A beauty among the scarred.

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