xv. hologram in the bathroom

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Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm


"Yo Flash!!" I yelled "Get the fuck out or I'll break down the damn door" I pounded on his door, impatience coursing through my blood.

"Keep your panties on, man - I'm getting changed" he replied; his infuriatingly calm voice wafted through the door.

I could hear water splashing on tiles - the little bastard hadn't even finished bathing yet.

I sighed, leaning against the wall. Just another regular morning; with Flash the asshole getting us late. Nothing new. I felt a tap on my shoulder. 

"Whats taking so long?"

 I turned around; Max stood with a half open bag hanging off his shoulder. I shuffled my feet on the carpeted floor in annoyance. 

"He's still having a shower" nothing could change the little shit.

"I swear, Noelle gets ready faster than that guy" he commented. 

"He's gonna make us late. Lets just go." I turned to leave, when Max pulled me back.

"Oh don't." I could see mischief swirling in his eyes. "Come on Theo. We gotta teach him a lesson"; an impish grin appeared on his face.

He threw his bag down and stood outside flash's door. His eyes glowed a bright fiery gold as he started to focus. I moved away, so I wouldn't end up absorbing his powers. His eyes glowed brighter and brighter. A blinding gold flashed out of them, and they turned white - the irises, the pupils, everything. A disconcerting sight.He was astral projecting - an ability he had acquired recently.

A piercing scream cut through the air. He was in the room.

"MAX WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?" Flash roared. I snickered - he had probably stepped out of the bathroom naked.

"Oh this is gonna be fun" I muttered.

"Dear Lord my poor virgin eyes" cried Max; his hands were probably covering his eyes.

"Dude please cover your reproduction stick. Ain't nobody gotta see that part of you" Max added, repressing a laugh.

He was just asking to be punched. Angry Flash was not a sight anyone should have to see. especially not a naked angry Flash.

"Get. Out." Flash hissed; his voice dangerously low.

"By the way, Pokemon boxers? Really bro?" Max commented, adding fuel to the flame.


Something hard slammed against the wall.

"AAARGHHH" his agonizing screams filled the room. "How - how is that even possible?"

"Astral projection, mah nigga" Max laughed. "I wonder whats running through Theo's brain right now. You do know, he's standing outside"

"You. Annoying. Little - bitchy - asshole - of a BASTARD AUSTRALOPITHECUS" Flash fumed. I couldn't hold it in anymore. Laughter burst out of me, leaking out of my eyes.

"You had better start planning your funeral. The minute my fist gets better, I'm choking you to death." Flash threatened.

"Now now, don't include me in you sexual fantasies. No homo man" Max teased. "Don't get carried away. Just because I saw you naked doesn't mean I'm gonna  let you choke me. Eww. Although," he added "don't you think your little winkie is a bit too small to choke me?" he snickered.

"And also, you should be thanking me. Broken fist earns a visit to Annabeth and honestly, how many times have you smashed that woman huh? Seriously though; what did she see in you"

And so they parried back and forth. 

"Whats going on?" I whirled around; Sylvester stood there with an amused grin on his face. He nodded to the sounds emanating from the room.

"Oh nothing much. Just our daily bromance between Max and Flash." I replied.

Syl cocked an eyebrow questioningly. I shrugged.

"Lets head to class. We're gonna be late"

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