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First of all, there are some things I need to point out.

I'm publishing this story on 17 June 2019.

My name is Grace.

Grace Aquila.

I wrote my first story here on wattpad in 2016.

I think they were great. I had some readers say so but I took them down because I just couldn't commit.

Fast forward to 2019 and I have been feeling this desire to write again.
Now, I wasn't to publish today.

This story was first written in 2017.....
I was just going through my email with the aim of deleting outdated emails when I came across this gem.

Apparently, I wrote it then saved it and never remembered.

I still don't recall what was the story line... But I will try to rewrite it.

When I first read it earlier, my initial reaction was to edit it before posting but I decided to publish it raw as it was in the doc.


I need honest reviews of how my writing was back then.

I need you, dear reader, to read it AND tell me how it is.
This is the only piece I have of my first fiction writing days.

And if you love it, kindly hit that star button and leave a comment.

I love engaging with people.

❤ AQ.

PS: Maybe this is a sign from the Universe I should do this... 😁

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