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taehyung's lips parted, heavenly moans escaping the pink lips softly as he gripped onto jungkook for support.

"koo- n-need you. please."

jungkook flicked his wrist one last time, taehyung's small pink cock twitching with sensitivity as he whimpered.

the dominant pressed his lips against taehyung's forehead, then his body went against taehyung's to the wall.

he made sure taehyung was caged, hands at the side helplessly as he looked up at his boyfriend,"gonna fuck you so well, won't you like that?"

taehyung whined, face pink as he tried to look down, only for his face to be gently brought up.

"don't hide your face, princess. use your words."

the submissive whimpered, eyes glossing over with tears of pleasure when jungkook turn him around.

"w-want your c-cock, please. wa-want daddy's cock."

jungkook groaned, wet fingers pressing onto taehyung's entrance, the tight ring refusing to let up,"who would've thought such a pretty baby girl could spew out such dirty words?"

his middle finger pressed in, the ring finally letting through as jungkook thrusted the finger strong and deep.

taehyung's lips parted, small moans leaving them as he arched his back, trying to push back.

"k-koo! d-daddy, please."

jungkook didn't need to be told twice.

he pushed in a second finger, the other hand locking with taehyung's as the boy mewled.

"d-da-ah! daddy, m-mo-more please..! f-feels good."

jungkook hummed, whispering sweet nothings into his ear, before pressing in the final third finger, which was usually not enough to prep one for his cock, but as much as taehyung hated it, he loved the stretch.

made him feel so full.

jungkook curled his fingers, purposely missing taehyung's prostate, and the submissive whined, annoyed.

"koo! d-don't do that, please. "

jungkook chuckled,"shh, doll."

jungkook pulled out the three digits, his cock pressing against the ring, pulsing a soft red.

taehyung flushed at the feeling, his hands for some reason feeling clammy as he heated up.

"w-wait, wait.." taehyung whispered, face red.

jungkook frowned, stopping,"baby? you okay, we can stop if you want?"

taehyung shook his head,tears in his eyes from how much he loved the man,"w-wanna see you. please."

jungkook heaved a sigh of relief.

he turned taehyung around, propping him up as he smiled,"how about we take this to the bed?"

taehyung whined, but nodded nonetheless, annoyed at how his fingertips already crinkled up from the water.

jungkook turned the water off and quickly dried themselves, secretly cooing over how cute taehyung looked while drying his hair, before carrying taehyung to their bed.

he kissed his cheek and grabbed the bottle of lube in the drawer,asking, "tae? you need me to prep you again?"

taehyung shook his head, pressing against the man's hard cock.

jungkook laughed and nodded, the translucent liquid going over his shaft and he stroked himself, before pressing back to taehyung's entrance.

slowly he pushed in, the lube giving an easy slip.

taehyung's hands grabbed at the sheets, eyes lidded and his lips parted in a heavenly gaze.

"oh-" his shaking hands were taken by jungkook, who gave him a comforting smile as he pushed the rest of his length in.

taehyung looked overwhelmed and blissed out, his eyes back and hands in jungkook's bigger ones.

he nodded softly, giving jungkook the signal that he was ready.

the dominant snapper back his hips, a surprised gasp leaving taehyung's lips as his cock pushed back in and pressed against taehyung's prostate.

"koo- daddy..!"

jungkook hushed him,"shh, baby."

lips on the other's, jungkook digged his fingers into taehyung's waist, so hard that there was no doubt about there being bruises after, and thrusted again.

he wasn't going fast or hard, but deep, and he hit every sensitive part of the boy.

jungkook breathed heavily, watching taehyung's face as his eyes were screwed shut, head thrown back against the pillows as his body shook under his.

he looked absolutely wrecked, and jungkook loved it.

" you look so pretty like this, princess. so pretty for me."

taehyung moaned, blissed as he arched his back, jungkook's hips repeatedly thrusting into his prostate.

"c-close- oh my god."

"me too, baby. me too."

jungkook ran his hand down his lover's front, all the way down to his cock before wrapping his hand around him, giving him a few strokes. taehyung whined, pushing his hand away.

"w-wanna cum f-from you only, koo."

jungkook flushed and nodded,"so fucking pretty."

he gripped taehyung's waist harder, moans falling from the youngers lips.

taehyung's eyes widened, lips pressed together,"w-wanna come, can i? please daddy?"

jungkook cursed,"fuck, go ahead baby."

how could someone look so innocent?

taehyung screamed in pleasure, releasing between their bodies as jungkook thrusted a few more times.

"a-are you gonna come, koo? please- wanna feel your cum. please d-daddy..!"

"fuck- i'm close."

jungkook snapped his hips up and his cock twitched inside taehyung, before filling him with cum.

he pulled out, heaving, as white liquid seeped out of taehyung's gaping, swollen hole.

"k-koo. l-love you so much. taetae loves you."

jungkook absolutely loved it when taehyung spoke in third person.

"i love you too, tae."

he stood up, approaching the door when taehyung's eyes widened, "w-where're you g-goin'?"

jungkook smiled,"just gonna get us some clothes, and then let's continue our shower, okay?"

taehyung nodded.

the elder grabbed taehyung's favourite blue sweater, four sizes too large for him, and his own top and bottom.

he put them down and smiled at taehyung,"c'mon," he held taehyung's hand and brought him to the bathroom, not forgetting to place a kiss onto his forehead, taehyung letting out a giggle.

"i love you so fucking much, taehyung."




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