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been a while since i did sum smutty smut

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warnings: smut, slight feminization, daddy kink, baby girl kink, princess kink, doll kink(as in the pet namee), sweet sex uwu, fucking nice kook


the slim figure stripped down his loose tee-- that by the way, belonged to his boyfriend-- and his boxers.

he stepped into the bathroom and shut the door, remembering to not lock the door due to his constant fear of being invaded through the window and not being able to escape.

he was paranoid, he knew that, but it didn't really matter to him.

taehyung smiled shyly to himself as he turned the water on, thoughts shifting to his boyfriend immediately.

jungkook, his boyfriend for a year, was two years older than him, who was 21.

he remembered how they had met at a party one night, the elder being drunker than himself and when they started making out, they moved themselves to jungkook's house.

before they could go further, taehyung had suddenly expressed his discomfort to having sex while drunk and jungkook, though annoyed and frustrated, respected his choices.

taehyung gently pressed down onto the purple bottle of clear shampoo, watching as the transparent gel slipped into his palm, before scrubbing it into his pastel purple hair.

he soothed it in then rinsed it off, too immersed in his washing that he failed to notice the bathroom door opeming, failed to notice it closing, or the figure that stepped in naked, and the arms that wrapped themselves around taehyung's slim waist and pressed his muscular body against taehyung's smaller one.

taehyung's eyes darted back the moment the figure hugged him close, and only when he saw a familiar face did he relax and sigh.

"koo, you scared me! what if it had been a theif or- or a murderer!"

the man behind him chuckled, and pressed a kiss to his light pink lips, "don't worry, hun. that's not gonna happen, okay? not on my watch."

taehyung giggled and pressed himself against jungkook's body, visually relaxing as he embraced the heat, "why're you here, koo?"

"for my precious babygirl,"and that was enough to make taehyung shiver.

he knew what jungkook was here for.

"o-oh,"taehyung mumbled, a light hue of pink dusting his cheeks as he pulled back gently,"here?"

jungkook hummed, turning taehyung around and kissing his lips,
"here, doll."

a new shade of red found it's way to the submissive's face and easily, he slipped into sub space,"d-daddy."

jungkook smiled, caressing taehyung's soft, wet hair.

"gonna take care of my baby girl so good, won't you like that, hm? like being treated like a princess?"

the repeater change of names made taehyung's heary flutter and he wanted nothing more than for jungkook to take him there and then.

the long forgotten stream of water went down the drain, water sprinkling on the two as they locked lips, taehyung not bothering to fight for dominance as he melted into jungkook's touch, the dominant's tongue seeking it's way into taehyung's cavern.

"mhm, k-koo..! p-please touch me, pl-please."

jungkook pulled away and with a smirk he tugged at taehyung's semi-hard cock, it's pink head disappearing down his hand with every flick of his wrist.

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