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Five women were seen from a distance with their swords in front of them, kneeling. Skye was the first to step off her horse as Vee Vee and Luka stayed behind as requested of Skye. The women stood back up once Skye halts. The women were strong and muscular, tall too. "We speak the language of the late Queen, Daenerys Targaryen." The first one in front spoke. "Queen Rosary as sent us to escort you safely to Meereen."

"Is she after the dragon rider?" Skye asks while the clouds above them covered all around the air. Fog was within the distance between Drogon and the three who traveled a long way.

"No. She wants to befriend her." The second women spoke. "We come a long way. We wish not to fight."

Luka and Vee Vee look carefully at the women. Skye looks at them individually. "There have been men who've come a long way trying to kill us for coin that we do not have."

"Then we are lucky not to be those men as we are women." They chuckle. "Meereen is a safe place, I assure you. But there are those who are not as pleasant to have a stranger walk in their walls. We've build a place for your dragon as well. We will protect the queens dragon-"

"Bona dāria iksos morghe. Issa zaldrīzes iksos daor pet, yn raqagon nykeā kepa naejot issa. Ziry iksos issa lentor." (That Queen is dead. My Dragon is not pet, but like a father to me. He is my family.) Vee Vee spoke behind her mask. Only her eyes were seen. Everything else was covered up, even her arms.

"I meant no disrespect. Forgive me." They all lightly bowed.

"How do you know the size of the dragon? It's been many years. The dragon has not finished growing." Skye questions. "It was only just a child at its height. You have not seen how far it's come to have grown." She took a step forward. "Drogon has grown. His wings can take down those who come close between him and our Dragon Rider. His breath could destroy a whole city. His skin is not easy to cut or pierce through. Not even a dragon spears can hit him. His speed is one of a kind. Anyone who tries to harm him, will face a greater nightmare than the stone men and  anything greater than a beast."

"We promise to protect."

"Good." Skye smiles.

"Meereen is days away. We ran only when the sun came out."

Skye looks back towards Vee Vee. Vee Vee gets off the horse, walking back towards the fogs that Skye had placed when the sun rose up around them. Vee Vee was no longer seen as all of them waited. Luka waits.

Moments later a loud dragons roar is heard from above the clouds. The women gasp as they were shocked from the dark figure seen in the clouds. A large figure coming down far behind them. The dragon  plants it's feet down while it's wings stretched farther than anything they have seen. Drogon was 400 feet (121.92 meters for those of you who use meters) tall in length. He has doubled his height since the years have past by. (He's as tall as the Texas Sky Screamer At Six Flags.)

Drogon placed his wings down, leaning forward towards the ground as the women stood back behind Skye. Vee Vee slid off the wing of Drogon, walking towards the front of his mouth. Vee Vee pats him as a thank you.

"She wants us, including you, to fly with her towards Meereen." The women stare at her. Skye chuckles. "Do not worry. He won't bite."

"What about your horses? How will they arrive?"

"Do not worry. They will find their way." Skye turns back towards the horses. Her eye turning yellow one she closes them. Luka gets off his horse as they then began to run off. Skye watched them run. Luka walks towards Vee Vee. "Let's go. Our journey has not yet begun." Skye led them towards Drogon.

The tunnel underneath Meereen was opened as the moonlight from outside shined brightly. A man with golden hair appeared with a torch. The man stepped down the stairs towards the flat ground. He lightly tapped the grown man and the boy. "It's time to wake up." Ramin Cray woke up. Rickard was already awake. The chains were then taken off as two Unsullied men escorted them out. There was no need to run since there was no where to go. "Did you sleep well?"

"It's better than staying awake for several days and nights." Ramin tells the man. "I'm sure they have told you who I am."

"They did."

"Then what is your name?"

"Thoreo. Just, Thoreo."

Ramin nods as he followed him out of the large dungeon along with his son. "Well, Thoreo, mind telling me where we are going?"

"Lady Rosary has paid for you and your son to be free from The Dothraki and Unsullied. From what I heard... they wanted to kill the both of you. Lady Rosary is a kind Queen. We are going up there-" Thoreo points to the top of the pyramid. "-and you will thank her."

"What happens after?"

Thoreo shook his head. "That's up to her to decide."

Queen Rosary sat in her chair while Rickard and Ramin entered. Rosary stood up as her advisers left the room. Rosary smiled. Before she could even get to say a word out, one of her guards came running in letting her know that a dragon was in sight. Thoreo ran out towards the balcony's. Ramin and Rickard did the same.

Drogon was in sight flying over Meereen. He did not make a sound, but his memory was correct. This is where him and his bothers burned down ships while Meereen was being attacked. Slavers bay was no longer Slavers bay, but Dragons bay.

People from their homes came out their homes and cheered as Drogon had returned. Soldiers could not believe their eyes. Ramin and Rickard had a hard time believing what they were seeing with their own eyes. A dragon. A real dragon. No longer a myth or a legend. The stories of A Song of Fire an Ice were real.

"Welcome to Braavos." Arya Stark gets off the ship. "Keep close to me. These people are not ones to mess with." Arya has begun to leave on her own after sailing for weeks.

"Where will you go?" Jon asked.

"To see an old friend."

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