8| Beaten

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Jared and the pack have been searching for the wolf cub for hours after Leah found her clothes ripped and her phone on the floor of the Swan house. After they smelled the stench of the unknown vampire they grew very worried. They did feel her shift but her connection was thrown off course.

The Cullens had taken a liking to the young wolf and decided to help. The wolves were thankful but Jared just needed to find his imprint.

"Jared we'll find her, c'mon we'll look again tomorrow." Jared didn't budge until Sam used his alpha command. Jared sighed and went home. The pack looked worried and knew the intruder took her. Jared knee himself but still wanted to look.


Clover had awoken the next morning eating the chocolate bar and drinking the water while the male vampire she found out was called Riley, was training them. Bree still hid and Clover was glad her scent masked hers.

She shifted underneath the blanket trying to reach out, her body grew week and tired, she just wanted Jared for some reason. She felt them shift as well but she could hear glitch talking. She frowned and heard her name glitching with the voices.

She shifts back coughing up blood after a blow to her side, she looked up and saw Riley smirking at her before throwing her against the wall. She saw Bree about to move until she weakly shakes her head, smiling.

She was beaten for three hours she lay still until Victoria stopped him. "Riley that's enough, let's go get more humans." She said pulling him out looking at the little wolf like she somewhat cared for it? Or was it just pity. Victoria never shows emotions but she did feel something for the little wolf.

Clover whimpers, she's determined that she will get back to her pack mates and cuddle with them. She looks around at the dark place and whispered, "welcome to hell." Before shutting her eyes.

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