The Heartless Winter.

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The Heartless Winter. Amarose. What was that noise? I thought to myself as i lay sprawled across my bed. I forced my eyes to flutter open and i sat up. I stared around, dazed and realized that my mobile phone was vibrating. What could anyone possibly want at eight am on a Saturday morning? I leaned over and let out a groan as i picked up the device. "new message- Liam Finch." it said. Liam was my boyfriend, Normally he never sent me messages this early in the morning. I opened the message, rubbing sleep out if my eyes, it said: "Meet me at the park at noon". This was very odd but i thought nothing of it and pulled myself out of bed and shuffled into a nice warm shower.  As i showered, i thought about what Liam would want? He never said he wanted to see me, he just said to meet him there, obviously he wanted something, i just couldn't put my finger on what. My mind swooped in and out different possible solutions as to what he wanted and the worst i could think of was a break-up. I was sure however this was unlikely as we both loved each other very much, we had been dating for over a year now and i couldn't ask for a better boyfriend.  About an hour later, i was ready to leave. I gave myself a quick check in the mirror, my long golden hair lay well beyond my shoulders and curled all the way down, my eyes lightly made up and a pale blue color, i had never seen the need for tremendous amounts of make-up like some other girls at school who looked like oranges. I pulled on my long black jacket and headed out the door. As i stepped out into the world a blast of cold air hit me, it was mid November and the wind sent a piercing chill around my body, i shuddered. The sky was bright blue and the sun was bright in the mid-morning sky, it had to be about two degrees. I walked across my garden, my feet crunching as i walked over the frost and made it over to the small windy path which led to Wickends only park where Liam would be waiting.  I searched around the play area of the park and could not see Liam, obviously he wasn't there yet so i decided to go sit on a swing and wait for him. My fingers felt numb and my cheeks puffy with the cold. Finally, there he was. Liam was a tall boy, with dark, chocolate brown hair and beautiful sky blue eyes. To me he was the most beautiful being in the world. "Hey!" i shouted over to him as he walked slowly towards me.  "Hi," he said when he reached me. His voice was husky and down.  "Is there something wrong?" I asked worriedly.  "Yes there is, I'm moving Annie, I'm moving to stay with my grandmother in her mansion because she isn't well and i don't think we will be moving back, I'm so sorry." "What? You-Your kidding right? I mean you can't move, you just can't!" Tears welled up in my eyes, a hole had been punched through my heart. "Its true, I'm sorry. this will be the last time i get to see you, we leave at two o'clock. I know its sudden but you will be fine, i promise." "No-" i tried to protest but he just pushed his finger against my lips and hugged me, I couldn't believe it. I would miss him more than anything, his smell, his eyes, his voice and overall just him.  " I have to go, I'm so sorry, please try to get over this.I love you." he said before kissing me lightly on the lips, out last kiss. "I love you, goodbye," i replied quietly, i didn't have the strength to speak, tears streamed down my face like razors, Liam wiped them, kissed my cheek and turned to walk in the other direction. I stood there, stuck to the spot, stunned. What had just happened? It couldn't possibly be true. My eyes continued to follow him as he walked away, savoring every last glimpse and then, he was gone. I felt blank, there was no feeling no nothing, just numbness. I decided instead of standing like a statue, to head off back home, there was nothing to do now, nothing that kept me motivated, Liam was my motivation.  A few months passed and nothing changed, i felt more numb every second, i didn't want to talk to anyone, i wanted to be alone and endure my misery. My mom asked me what was the matter, i didn't even have the strength to reply. Every day was cold, dull and pointless, I missed Liam more than anything. My days were all the same, get up, go to school, come home and lie in bed crying myself to sleep at night. It was definitely a heartless winter. Stay tuned for part 2. 

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