Ch. 21 I would love to hang out with my daughter

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After dinner, Atsuko walked Hatori out of the house since Hatori needed to go back to the main Sohma house since he is slowly getting his belongings so that he could finally live at his original home, which he shared with his ex-wife, Kana. 

Yuki wanted to go with them since he still doesn't trust Hatori around Atsuko, but Shigure stopped him telling him to help Tohru with the dishes. Yuki watched Atsuko and Hatori stand near Hatori's car. Yuki stays quiet when he sees Atsuko smiling at Hatori. Yuki lightly bites his lips because he is worried that Atsuko has feelings for Hatori. Yuki shakes his head, thinking that Atsuko only sees Hatori as a friend. Yuki looks away from Atsuko and Hatori, and he goes to the kitchen to help Tohru wash the plates. 

Atsuko stood next to Hatori, and she smiled at him. Atsuko is happy to learn that Hatori is her biological father. Atsuko wanted to get to know Hatori since she has a lot of questions to ask him. Atsuko shyly looks at Hatori because she isn't sure if he wants her to call him 'Father,' 'Dad,' or 'Papa.' 

Hatori noticed Atsuko's shy expression, and he smiles at her. 

" What's wrong, Atsuko?" Hatori asked his daughter. 

Atsuko's light brown eyes stared into Hatori's purple eyes. 

" Um. Is it okay to call you, Dad?" Atsuko asked Hatori while blushing in embarrassment since she is worried that Hatori wouldn't want to be called 'Dad' in public. 

Hatori didn't know why but when he heard Atsuko saying 'Dad' to him for the first time, it made him feel happy. Hatori's expression softens as he gently placed his right hand on top of Atsuko's head. 

" I don't mind it. I would be happy if you called me Dad," Hatori tells Atsuko. 

Atsuko's heart skipped a beat, and she smiled at Hatori because she is happy to hear that Hatori doesn't mind her calling him 'Dad.' 

Atsuko leans towards Hatori, and she hugs him. Atsuko gently lays her head against Hatori's chest, and she closed her eyes when she hears Hatori's heartbeat, which sounded like a lovely melody to her ears. 

" I love you, Dad," Atsuko tells Hatori. 

Hatori smiled at Atsuko. 

" I love you too, Atsuko," Hatori hugs Atsuko back, feeling happy to hold his daughter in his arms. 

" Dad," Atsuko whispers. 

" Yes, Atsuko?" Hatori looks down at Atsuko. 

" Tomorrow is Sunday, and I already did all of my homework. I was um wondering if it is okay to hang out with you?" Atsuko opens her eyes, and she lifts her head to look at Hatori. 

Hatori smiled at Atsuko, and he can't help but feel happy that his daughter wants to hang out with him. 

" Of course. I would love to hang out with my daughter," Hatori tells Atsuko. 

Atsuko smiles at Hatori because she is excited to hang out with her Father. Atsuko lets go of Hatori since it is getting late. 

" Um. Be careful," Atsuko tells Hatori since she won't see him until the morning. 

Hatori nods his head.

" I will. I'll see you in the morning," Hatori tells Atsuko. 

Atsuko nods her head, and she watched Hatori get inside his car. Atsuko stepped back, and she waves goodbye to Hatori, who smiled at her. Atsuko stayed quiet when she watched Hatori's vehicle make a U-turn and then drive out of the property and into the road, which will take him to the city. 

Shigure stood by the door, and he smiled since he is happy that Hatori is finally going to get to know his child that he created with his ex-wife, Kana. 

" Atsuko," Shigure calls out to Atsuko since it is getting late, and he doesn't want his niece to get sick, or Hatori will kill him. 

Atsuko turns around, and he looks at Shigure in the eyes. Atsuko can't help but feel like everything is a dream, but she knows it is real since her body is getting cold. Atsuko walks up to Shigure, and she stands next to him. 

" Um. Does this mean you are my Uncle?" Atsuko curiously asked Shigure. 

Shigure smiled at Atsuko. 

" Your Father is my distant cousin so in a way you are like my niece," Shigure tells Atsuko. " Atsuko," Shigure looks at Atsuko in the eyes, which causes her to look at him. " Thank you for being born," Shigure gently pulls Atsuko towards him, and he hugs her close. " Hatori has been alone for so many years, but now that he knows you are his daughter. He won't feel lonely anymore," Shigure happily tells Atsuko. 

Atsuko smiled since she is happy to know that her birth made Hatori not lonely. Atsuko lifts her head, and she looks at Shigure in the eyes. 

" Um. Uncle Shigure," Atsuko calls out to Shigure. 

Shigure's heart skipped a beat when he hears Atsuko calling him 'Uncle.' 

" Yes, Atsuko," Shigure smiled at Atsuko. 

" I wanted to let you know that I am going to hang out with my Dad," Atsuko tells Shigure, but she then frowns, which causes Shigure to look at her with a worried expression. 

" What's wrong, Atsuko?" Shigure worriedly asked Atsuko. 

" I don't know what to say to Tohru and the others," Atsuko tells Shigure. " I know Dad wants to keep our relationship private because he doesn't want no one to know that I am his daughter because he is worried that someone might hurt me, but Tohru is my adopted sister, and I want to let her know that I finally found my biological Father. What should I do?" Atsuko asked Shigure. 

Shigure lets go of Atsuko, and he wraps his right arm around Atsuko's shoulders. 

" Atsuko. I know it is tough since you two recently realize that you are father and daughter, but try talking about it to Hatori when you see him tomorrow. Maybe he wouldn't mind you telling Tohru since you two have been sisters for many years," Shigure tells Atsuko. 

" Yeah," Atsuko nods her head. " I am going to bed," Atsuko tells Shigure. " Good night, Uncle Shigure," Atsuko smiles at Shigure. 

" Good night, Atsuko," Shigure smiles at Atsuko, and he lets go of her as he watches her enter the house to go to her bedroom. 

Shigure looks away, and he quietly stares at the night sky. Shigure loves Hatori since even though they are distant cousins, he is like a brother to him, but he remembered Akito telling him to keep a close eye on Atsuko. Shigure lightly bites his lips because he feels conflicted upon following his Head of House's rules or let his best friend/brother be happy with his only daughter. Shigure turns around, and he gets inside his house as he closed the door since he is going to sleep.

As Shigure enters his bedroom, and he lays down on his bed, Shigure immediately decided that he is going to keep his niece a secret from Akito because Shigure wants his best friend to be happy since Hatori has been through a lot because of Akito. 

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