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*Warning* Light Cussing

R/B: Random Boy's Name

Third Person (Author's) POV:

It's another normal school day for Y/N. She's just gotten out of History class and is sitting on the grass eating her lunch. Her friends are sitting next to her in a circle, but she isn't paying much attention to what they are saying since her mind is somewhere else. Possibly with the sun, which is playing hide and seek behind the clouds, only showing it's light every 2 minutes. 

Her attention finally came back to reality when she realized her friends had gotten quiet and were all staring at her. The reason? Well, the biggest flirt of the school has just shown up and is standing right in front of her. Let's see what she's thinking.

Your POV:

Huh. I wonder what he wants...

"What's up R/B?" I asked and stood up to get closer to his height. 

He still remained way taller though, I mentally sighed.

"I just wanted to come over to tell ya that I think you're beautiful," He said, flashing me one of his "perfect" smiles.

Me and my guy friends all rolled our eyes while the girls started sending me smirking faces.

"K thanks for the compliment."

"No problem, I'm just stating facts."

"Seems like that's a very common fact between girls you talk to," I mumbled under my breath.


I gave him a small smile, "Nothing."

"Okay," he grinned back, "Anyways, want to hang out after school? We can go to the movies or something."

I opened my mouth to reply when I suddenly could no longer feel the grass below me. 

"CODE CGBS!" I heard someone shout as I was being carried in their arms while they were jogging somewhere.

"H-hey put me down!" I yelled.

I turned to see who it was and just saw the face of one of C/N's friends. 

"Hello?!" I yelled louder.

But then I got transferred to somebody else's arms and was immediately thrown over there broad shoulders. They were pretty tall since I looked to be farther from the ground then I should've been if I were with a person who had an average height. 

"Can you please put me down!" I yelled louder.

After 20 seconds I got transferred to another person.

After being passed around 2 more times I just sighed as my questions and shouts continued to be ignored. I was still on school grounds but I have no idea how far I've traveled. I'm guessing that this just some dumbass prank that the seniors are doing for some shits and giggles. 

 "What the fuck is happening!" I tried once more.

"Don't worry you'll be safe soon Y/N," I heard come from the male that I was being carried by.

"C/B/F/N? Can you please tell me why the hell I'm being passed around like a fucking sack of potatoes," I asked, clearly irritated. 

But once again I was passed to another person. This time it was more like I was being tossed compared to the other times since I had to quickly grab onto the person's shoulder as they caught me in their arms to prevent myself from falling onto my face. 

I've had enough, "JESUS SOMEONE ANSWER ME!"


I turned my head to the person, about to be thankful that they answered me but instead, my face automatically turned red as I realized who it was. 

"C-C/N?" I stuttered back.

When he realized that I was just as confused as he was, he turned to look in the direction where the recent person that was carrying me came from, but C/B/F/N was no longer there. In fact, we were in the middle of an empty hallway.

"So what happened?" he asked.

"You tell me! One second I'm eating my lunch on the grass, the next I'm being passed around by, I don't even know who, while they're yelling "code CGBS" whatever that means," I noticed C/N's eyes widen but I continued explaining, "I asked why they were running around carrying me but no one paid any attention to me. C/B/F/N was the only one who spoke to me but he just said not to worry and that I would be safe soon. I didn't even know I was in danger!"

"Oh my fucking... I'm gonna kill those bastards," He muttered before looking at me in the eyes, "Geez, I'm sorry Y/N. My friends are just being idiots but they're trying to help me."

"Um okay? But what does code CGBS mean and why did they seem so serious about it. Like they were completing a mission or something," I questioned. 

His face flushed, "Well uh, code CGBS stands for "Cute Girl Being Stolen" and um, my friends were trying to get you to me fast before anything happened."

"I don't understand."

"Well only C/B/F/N calls you by your name. All of my other friends just refer to you as "cute girl"," He answered.

"But why cute girl, and why did they have to be so aggressive!" I asked again.

"So um, don't get weirded out cause' the whole code thing wasn't my idea but, I had to tell all my friends who I liked and why for a dare. So, that's why you're referred to as "cute girl"," I blushed while he continued, "My friends started saying that I had to make a move soon or else someone would make you theirs first. I told them to just give me time so that they would get off my ass, but they started talking about what they would do if someone did try asking you out or something. They named their little plan CGBS. I guess someone was flirting with you or something cause' now you're here. I swear I thought that they were just joking around to try to get me more embarrassed. I would've made sure this wouldn't have happened if I knew they would actually do it. Sorry."

"W-wait. So you have a crush on me?" I asked.

"No," he replied sarcastically, "I just told them a random girls name when they made this whole ass plan up."

"Sorry sorry," I laughed, "I just have to make sure you do since I like you too."

"Wait actually?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yeah. I wish I coulda just told you tomorrow like I was planning but here we are," I grinned, "I guess this works too."

"Damn, I guess I have okay friends then."

"Yeah, I guess. But uh, I think I'm pretty heavy so you can put me down now."

"Nah, you're light and I'm hella strong," He jokingly bragged.

"Sure my knight in shining armor, as C/B/F/N made you sound like." 

"Fuck, please do not remind me. I don't wanna go to prison for murder."

(1129 Words)

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