Betrothed-Jojen Reed x Reader

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"Come here, little soldier." My older sister, Osha, pulled Rickon closer to her, wrapping him into a hug from behind as his tears flowed down his pale face. "You, Y/N, and me are going to have some adventures."

"You don't have to do any of this," Bran spoke up, a slight shake in his voice. I heard a slight movement next to me and someone grabbed my hand slowly. Jojen. I returned the act by squeezing slightly on his hand without looking at him.

"Your family took me and Y/N in and were good to us when they had no cause to be." Osha smiled at him then me. Our attention was turned back to the young Stark as he began to whimper. "Shh, we'll be fine, the three of us."

I drop Jojen's hand so I could lean forward and take Rickon's tiny one, rubbing it with my other hand to try and calm him. "The Umbers are great warriors, even I heard about them growing up. They'll teach you how to swing a sword."

He shook his head and barely gave me a glance. "I know how to swing a sword."

I sigh and Osha pushes his curly hair down and kisses the top of his head before forcing him to stand with her and I follow suit.

"You're leaving now? It's the middle of the night." Bran asked.

"He'll learn to walk in darkness," Osha whispered, giving Rickon another kiss then letting him go. "Say your goodbyes, little man."

Rickon steps forward hesitantly and collapsed to his knees, his sobs getting louder as Bran hugged him tightly. Jojen takes my hand once more and kisses it softly. I glance over to him and he smiles sadly.

Osha turns to the Reeds just as Jojen let go of my hand. "Keep this one safe. He means the world to me." Osha tilted her head to indicate Bran and Meera nodded.

We made the way out of the windmill and Osha wrapped her arm around Rickon to help guide him on the darkened path, Shaggydog just ahead of us, trotting sadly.

I take in a deep breath of the night air and look up to the window, not expecting to see anyone but almost jump as a silhouette formed. I looked harder and waited for my eyes to adjust when I finally notice the deep green eyes.

Jojen raises his hand slowly, waving. I do the same before I turn back around to follow Osha and Rickon back into the woods to the Last Hearth.


"Bran," I whispered as I opened the door with a creak and he turned slightly around to face me, his facial expression showing no emotion.

"Y/N." He nodded as I closed the door.

My smile faded as he turned back to look out the window. "What happened to you beyond the wall?" I mutter. This wasn't the friendly little kid we traveled with.

"It is a long story." He picked up a piece of parchment from the table and held it out for me to take. Hesitantly, I did so and read, my heart dropping as I did so.

I rolled the paper back up and placed it back on the table, taking a seat.

Bran watched me. "Jojen is betrothed now." He repeated what was in the letter as if I didn't just read it or comprehend it. "I am sorry, Y/N."

I shook my head and stood, not looking at Bran. I opened my mouth to say something but stopped myself. This wasn't the same Bran I used to know, was friends with, and he wouldn't be as empathic with this situation.

I exited immediately and leaned on the door, trying to not break down in tears.


After a week of trying to track down the moving castle of Greywater Watch, I found myself standing in front of the gigantic stone building. I have never been this south beyond the wall and I tried to avoid the people that lived here, not wanting another incident like the Umbers or Boltons.

Memories of the loss of Osha and Rickon flooded my thoughts and kept me going to try and find the Reeds after all that went awry. To find Jojen.

The steps bringing me closer and closer to the door made me even more and more nervous. How would the servants and people besides the Reeds react to a wildling coming into their home?

How would Jojen react to me being here after he got betrothed?

In the castle, the walls stretched upward, making me feel dizzy as I followed it with my eyes. I breathed in deep breaths when a voice came from behind me. "Y/N?"

Turning, the person connected to the voice made my heart drop. Jojen walked quickly over to me, a smile plastered on his face. He had grown a few more inches and his face had more pronounced features as he seemed to have grown a lot during the time we were separated.

Once he was close enough, he opened his arms wide and embraced me immediately, tightening his grip around me after his moment of shock apparently passed. "How? I thought you were killed by the Boltons." He whispered to me before releasing me but keeping me close to him by his hands on my elbows.

"I wasn't killed by the time Jon came and took back Winterfell. But Rickon and Osha..." I shook my head and he nodded with understanding.

His smile grew as I looked up at him, "I am so glad you're okay."

I chuckle a little, wiping the tears that started to form in my eyes. "I am too."

"Jojen?" a female voice came from behind him and we turn in the direction it came from to see a beautiful girl standing there. Jojen dropped his hands as she walked toward us and I could feel Jojen tense.

"Amara." He faked a smile as the girl, Amara, came to stand in front of us. "Y/N, this is my betrothed, Amara. Amara, this is an old friend of mine, Y/N." His tone sounded uncomfortable and my heart sang looking at her, the reminder of our situation clearing in my mind.

"Hello, Y/N." She muttered, grimacing at my overworn clothing.

I smile to her even as a burning hit my throat and tried to remember the manners I learned while I lived at Winterfell. "It is a pleasure to meet you, my lady."

She nods and grins before turning her attention away from me with a sneer. "Jojen, darling, your father is looking for you."

He nodded, "I will be right there."

After he didn't move, Amara seemed to get the hint and left us in private again, closing a door with a slam. "What a wonderful future wife, Jojen," I mutter, trying to lighten the mood but the pit in my stomach kept me from laughing.

"Wasn't my choice." He laughed, turning back to face me, those same deep green eyes hitting me causing my stomach to drop.

I sighed and slowly backed away to the door again, "I'd better leave you to your business with your family, Jojen."

His mouth opened and he grabbed my wrist just before it got out of his reach. "Wait, you can stay here. We have the room." His voice sounded desperate.

Shaking my head, I pulled my wrist from him. "Your betrothed would hate me staying here. I should get going, Jojen." Before he could come up with something else to say or stop me, I exited the castle and got on the abandoned boat that I rode over the water with to get here.

Once far enough from the castle, I leaned forward, placing my head in my hands, not wanting to think about Jojen anymore. This wasn't his fault, the fact that he couldn't be with me anymore. The moments we shared were just the past now and I could deal with that, as long as I didn't have to face him again.

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