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Ukraine had decided to skip the monthly country meeting, he actually woke up at about the same time his doorbell rang. He groaned, got out of bed, still wearing just his shorts and a sleeveless shirt. He opened the door and was surprised when a hooded figure lunged at him. The hooded person's hood fell off when their head hit Ukraine's chest.


The said person didn't answer, just nodded their head, that was still in Ukraine's chest. Ukraine quickly closed the door and tried to calm down the agitated country. He was quite surprised to see Canada in this state. He already saw Canada whimpering, bit never full out sobbing. It broke his heart, tiny bit by tiny bit. He "dragged" Canada to the couch, and let the smaller rest thirst head on his chest. This went on for about 10 minutes. Until the sobs were reduce to small hiccups, and soon enough to little kitten like snores. He got free out of Canada's grip, laid his head on one of his bigger couch pillows and left, he knew that the boy hasn't been eating properly, for how light he was, so he prepared supper for two. A small smile found its way to Ukraine's face. He was slightly happy, even if it wasn't the best way to find out, that Canada trusted him.

<At the same moment>

"What the hell DAD?!?" America's voice resonated in the car, "Who said it wasn't something actually serious, and we just fucking laughed it off"

UK kept looking at the road, seemingly ignoring his son, but he could feel the guilt eating his up inside.

"Perhaps, we will have to talk with him once we arrive home" he finally answered, putting an end to the very short conversation.
A few minutes later, the arrived at their house, America opened the door himself and yelled very loudly.

"Yo, CN, it's me, your best bro." He was met with dead silence. "Aight, listen we're sorry, just come out of your room so we can talk" but once again, nobody answered.

He went up the stair, three by three, and looked in every room, but Canada was nowhere to be found. America started to panic. While he may seem like the type the country that doesn't give a single fuck about whatever, he deeply cared for his family. He tried to call on his younger brother's phone, but was always met with voicemail. He, then, tried to remember if there was another country that didn't come today. A name came popping in his head. Ukraine. He quickly got his phone and texted the said country.


Yo, Uki, have you seen CN, he ditched the meeting but he isn't home.

Yeah, he's at my place, he asleep for now, but a few minutes ago, he was bawling his eyes out, don't what you did but the boy seemed really upset, plus I'm pretty sure that he wasn't been eating properly these past few days, he was a light as a feather.

You better be telling me the damn truth, or we'll be having some slight issues.

Sure, I'll totally be lying if your brother's state of mind, as a joke. I was cooking supper, now it's done, I'll go wake up you li'l brother so he can eat a bit. And please, avoid texting me, the only person I get along with in your family is Canada, and he's here. Sooo, thanks for leaving me alone.

PS: My name is Ukraine, only my family or friends call me Uki, and as far as I'm concerned you're none of those.

America groaned loudly, and shoved his phone in the back pocket of his jean. He couldn't believe what he just read. Canada?!? Bawling his eyes out?!? That just seemed like something out of a fairytale for him. He just couldn't wrap his head around the idea. Australia and New Zealand, the twins, came in, bursting in the room.

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