Killing a Killer

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     You do what you do because you feel as if you have too, you take no pleasure from the acts you have to commit in your job, the pleasure stems from the knowledge that what you do stops certain people, who you consider to be more basic animal than human, from hurting even more people then they already have. Sometimes you wish you could get to them before they had hurt anyone in the first place. Unlike most people in your line of work you are your own boss, you don't follow anyone's orders, and you decide who your targets are, usually people who seem good at avoiding the law and one's who seem to be above it.

     You are currently going for one of the latter people and are wrapped around his arm. He is the tall blond-haired blue-eyed son of a very well known successful american layer, his crimes? Every few months he goes out to bars, never the same one and seduces a woman into going home with him he never really takes him to his home, but a small apartment he had bought just to do this, and entirely sound proofed apartment that could not be traced to him. His type has narrowed down to short red-headed women over the time he has been doing this, and after having what everything points to be consensual sex with them he then proceeds to torture them for hours in various ways until they succumb to the pain. Daddy dearest knows of his sons activities and makes sure he is not caught.

     You'd put on a short red wig and brown contact lenses, he has not shown any preference for any eye color but you'd never go on a mission without covering up your real hair and eyes, even if the cover is close to the original. The plan for tonight is simple, catch his eye, let him seduce you and then do to him exactly what he does to his victims. He may be a monster but he is still attractive, and letting him sleep with you just to let him feel the extra shock and surprise in the afterglow feels worth it.

     As you leave she seedy bar, still a giggling blushing mess with Carter's arms around your waist, you feel someone's eyes on you, and not in the checking you out way you have grown used to, no you feel like you are being examined and when you discreetly look in the direction you feel them from your brown eyes meet hazel as the blonde woman who owns the hazel eyes, that feel like they are gazing into your very soul, sends a knowing smirk your way.

     Your heart rate speeds up, the eye contact with the stranger did not last more than a second, yet you feel completely exposed, like she knows what your intentions are but you don't let it distract you from your original plans, ou follow through with them and a few days later when Carter's father appears on the news pleading for whomever has his son to let him go, offering a monetary reward, you smile and figure that the not knowing if is son is suffering or even alive is enough punishment for what he did, because even if he convinces himself his son is dead, he will forever carry that pain with him, and no other woman will be hurt by his animal of a son. Killing a killer leaves the exact same number of killers in the world, but the number changes if you keep doing it doesn't it?

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