Tales of Ba Sing Se

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Tale of Aya and Iroh

It's been two days since the party at the Royal Palace and Aya was feeling better. The others were worried about her but she told them she was fine and they don't have to be concerned about her anymore. Aya has accepted herself and her firebending, because she is tired of hiding and tired of being afraid of what the others would say. She is the Fire Angel and the world needs to know she is alive.

The young firebender decided to explore the city on her own today. Aya walked through row of shops that contained, food, clothes, souvenirs, and any other items you could think off. Aya approached a clothing shop and the store owner gave her a smile.

"See anything you like?" The woman asked her and Aya scanned the shop. The clothes were beautiful and seemed to fit Aya's style, she needed a new flower crown.

Aya spotted a lovely flower crown that was littered with white and purple roses that were in a pattern. Aya grinned at the sight and pointed to the flower crown she was interested in and the shop owner handed Aya the crown. Aya examines the crown and handed the shop own the money she need to pay, the owner gave her smile in return.

"Thank you. Have a lovely day."

Aya places the crown on her head and looked in the mirror that the store had. The colors of the crown looked great with her dark hair and it brought out her gold orbs. Aya looked beautiful like always.

Aya walked around the strip of stores a little while longer but she stopped when someone caught her eye. A older man with a bread and had a hat on, he was in Earth kingdom clothes and seemed very familiar to Aya. The man turned around to face Aya and her eyes went wide.

It was Iroh. Her biologically father.

Aya turned away and was in complete shock. What is Iroh doing here? Is Zuko here as well? Do they know we are here?

These questions filled her head and she didn't know what to feel. She's never spoken to Iroh personally but she knows how he acts. He acts different then Zuko, he's much calmer and a lot nicer then him.

Aya turned back around and Iroh has left the stores. Aya didn't want to interact with him, but something was telling her to do that.

Aya, go talk to Iroh.

Aya listened to Sapphire's words and slowly left the line of stores.

He's just up ahead, darling.

Aya followed her instructions and continued to walk. Aya stopped when she approached a house and saw Iroh walk inside the house.

"What do I do?" I asked Sapphire in a low voice. "I can't just go up to him and say he's my father."

No, but you can introduce yourself. There is a small chance he could recognize you. You do resemble Ruka a lot.

Aya pondered Sapphire's idea and peered her head around the corner. Iroh had gone back outside and waters the flowers.

"But what if he recognizes me from before? We have met and he knows I'm traveling with Aang." I reasoned.

Iroh isn't like his nephew. He won't attack you and besides the both of them are trying stay low.

Aya nodded and exhaled before she came out from the corner of the alley way. Iroh had his back turned to her and she carefully approached the Firelord's brother.

"Iroh." She blurted out and the man turned around surprised to hear his real name. "My name's Aya."

Iroh looked at the firebender confused and she got closer. He did recognize her from before, he knew she was traveling with the Avatar.

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