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Bakougo POV

Well we are finally done with class and we were heading home, I already told Icy hot that he needed to stay home tomorrow which was really hard considering  that I wanna stay with him too, but I can't  because I am an alpha( one thing that I hate bout being an alpha) well I have to catch them up on the work they will miss plus tomorrow  is Friday and I will get to be with them all weekend.
I sighed and and walked into the house

"Bunny were home"

No response, we called out for him for about 5 minutes before remembering

"He is nesting today"
I told Icy hot

"Oh yeah, well where is he"

"I don't  know you check upstairs and I will check downstairs call when you find him"

"Ok" then we split ways

Todoroki POV

After me and Bakougo  split ways I ran upstairs and check every corner, closet, and room but couldn't find him, I ran downstairs to help Bakougo who hasn't found him yet we were looking everywhere downstairs and we couldn't  find him we looked for an hour until there was one room we didn't  look because he hated the room but we still checked the garage. When we opened the door right there he was in his nest sleeping,looking really cute.

Neither of us had the guts to wake him so we just stood there for 5 minutes in complete Awwww.

Izuku POV

I don't  know how long I was asleep for but all I remember is I woke up to Kacchan and Shotokun staring at me from the door way.

"Um....Kacchan, Shotokun"

"Oh hi there bunny"

"How long were you there for"

"Not long"

"About 5 minutes"

There answer shocked me and I didn't  notice I was out that long then I got the urge that I really didn't  want.

"Kacchan, Shotokun.....I need you"

"Sorry bunny I can't  but Icyhot here can"

"No I need my ALPHA and my BETA"
What is wrong with me

Bakougo  POV

After hearing those words I really wanted him but I didn't  want to risk getting him pregnant so I resisted.

"Sorry bunny"
I replied and he just stared at me whimpering

"Bakougo just do it it doesn't matter if he get pregnant or not, it is better then seeing him like this"

He was right

"Fine" Bunny's  face lit up "but no tonight we can do it tomorrow"

"Better then never Kacchan"

I was glad he agrees because I had a night with Icy Hot tonight

Ok so in the last chapter I told y'all that you can ask characters question and I got 2 questions that are going to be answered today.

Question 1: Bakougo why do you call Izuku Bunny if he still calls you Kacchan, why did you let go of the childhood nickname??(depressed_burrito)

B: well I stopped using it for 2 reasons
1: Bunny told me to call him bunny and

2: Deku means useless and Bunny is not useless

Question 2: Deku did you just put on Bakougo's shirt and Todoroki's pants, and just sleep with their pillows?(gingerwolf866)

T: I can answer this one, when the found him he was not in any clothes, but he was sleeping with our pillows with our clothes around him.

B: one of the best things ever to see with my Alpha eyes

M: seriously Kacchan

B: What!?!

Don't  forget that y'all can ask me questions too so, till next time 😁😁

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