Happy Father's Day?

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Inspired by the photo above bc I'm unoriginal🤪

It's Father's Day and Peter is struggling with the fact that he does, in fact, think of Tony as a father figure and what to do about it.

No spoilers or warnings!!


Peter groaned and crumpled up the paper in front of him. He tossed it over his shoulder without looking, adding to the accumulating pile of paper balls on his bedroom floor.

May popped her head in the door, a look of sympathy on her face. "Still no luck?" She asked.

Peter ran his hands through his hair in frustration. "No," he grumbled, twisting in his chair to look at his aunt. "This is the most awkward thing I've ever had to do. You'd think it'd come easy to me."

May offered the teen a small smile. She waltzed into the room and took a seat on the edge of the bed. Peter came and sat next to her.

"I know this is hard," May started, carding a hand through her nephew's dampened curls. "And i know it means a lot to you, so just do what you feel is right to get the message across. Maybe you don't write a letter at all."

Peter sighed, eyeing the mess he had made on the floor. A scattered pile of crumbled papers, all saying something along the lines of, "happy Father's Day although you're not my dad." It was a very hard thing to write, and every letter came out worse than the last.

"Maybe," Peter said. "But do you think just what i got him will be enough?"

May shrugged. "I'm not sure, but Tony Stark is a smart man. I'm pretty sure he'll get the message, and if not, Pepper is always there to point it out."

Peter nodded, a hint of a smile on his worried face. "You're right, you're right. Pepper is very smart."

May laughed and rose from the bed. She handed Peter a tiny wrapped package from off the corner of his desk. Peter took it with shaking hands.


  Spider-Man swung around the corner, releasing his webbing and flying through the air. He collided with the side of Avengers Tower a moment later, his spidey abilities allowing him to stick to the sleek glass.

  "Yo, Karen, can you get Friday to open the window for me? Thanks," Peter huffed through the mask and nearly fell when the glass retracted below him. He stumbled into the Tower.

  Peter found himself in a random conference room. He asked if Mr. Stark was home.

  "Boss is currently in a meeting on the thirty-third floor, Mr. Parker," Fri replied. "Would you like me to alert him of your presence?"

Peter set his backpack on the conference table and extracted the wrapped package. "No! No, Fri, I'm all good," he said hastily and slung his backpack over his shoulder. He exited the room and found himself in the middle of a huddle of reporters, most-likely waiting for Tony after his meeting. They all turned when the red and blue clad vigilante appeared.

"H-hey guys," Peter tried, backing up. "How about we don't tell Mr. Stark about this?"

There was a beat of silence as the crowd processed the superhero's words before swarming forward. Peter jumped up onto the ceiling to escape, running the length of the wall to the elevator. He dived inside, Friday slamming the doors closed immediately after.

"Where to, Mr. Parker?" The A.I. asked.

"Uhhh, wherever Mr. Stark will see my gift?" Peter said, pulling his mask up so he could breathe.

The elevator started moving. "His private office it is, sir."


Tony slammed the door closed behind him, wanting so badly to just sink to the floor and take a long nap, but knowing his work load was preventing him from doing so. He made his way over to his desk, internally groaning at the stack of papers waiting for him. You'd think a long day of productive meetings would result in a small amount of follow up work, not more.

The billionaire flopped down in his office chair, taking a second to relax before propping himself up so he could work. He went to log into his computer when an obnoxiously wrapped package sitting on the corner of his desk caught his eye.

Content with an excuse to procrastinate his paperwork further, he greedily picked up the package. The words, To Mr. Stark, from Peter Parker were written sloppily along the wrapping paper in black sharpie. Tony glanced up in confusion.

"Fri, what's this?" He asked, addressing the A.I.

"I believe it's a Father's Day gift, sir," Friday said it like it was obvious.

Tony looked back at the gift in his hands with apprehension. A Father's Day gift? Addressed to him? Was this kid on something?

Tony sighed and tore open the package, a picture frame falling into his lap. He picked it up, inspecting the photo inside. It was a picture of Peter and Tony, except Tony was fast asleep on the desk behind Peter, lying in a puddle of own his drool, and Peter was taking a selfie in the man's orange-tinted sunglasses. He even threw up a peace sign and everything.

Tony placed his head in his hands. Maybe because he was embarrassed, or maybe to hide the smile on his face, who knows?

"Friday, send a text message to Peter and tell him to get his ass over here," Tony said a moment later, placing the picture frame on the edge of his desk and walking out of the office.

The paperwork could wait, but his son couldn't.

Wow, i wrote this in twenty minutes after i kept getting notifications of other authors doing it. Hope it doesn't suck too bad👍🏻

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