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madelaine ivory neidhart

the temptation to call shawn was itching my nerves. he had gone to europe, leaving the boredom i've gained to suffocate me whole. everyone was busy enjoying coachella for the second time since it was week two.

as for me, well, i stayed home for week two and i stayed for the previous week. my mother came from vernon hills; she seemed to be pleased with everything going on with my life. it was a miracle i didn't have her bitching.

no, i did not tell my mother that i had made acquaintances with a canadian singer-songwriter. that was irrelevant information to her.

i was scrubbing the tile floors of mine and willow's apartment since that's what was keeping me sane around here. after i was done, i threw the yellow gloves into the sink and jumped on the couch, digging my head deep into a pillow.

once i found the remote, jennifer's body was on and the satisfactory i was missing in me for the past week had finally come back. god, megan fox is so hot.

what kind of person says they love you through text? the question was running through my mind and i just wanted to throw away that file of stupid questions away somewhere where they can't be found anymore.

shawn was making me blue balled. not sure if that was the right term, but it suits to me.

right when needy and jennifer were about to start making out on her bed, my phone began to vibrate and i was snapped out of my lesbian zone moment and checked who the heck was trying to reach me.

big booty whore would like to facetime......

i was oddly bothered that this was happening right now when jennifer's body, the best movie, um, like ever, was on and i was getting a requested face time. guess i have to answer now.

my finger swiped too the call and soon i was seeing his big, round brown eyes. the ones any girl could get lost in. i was one of those girls.

"took you forever to answer." shawn rolled his eyes as he ran a hand through his hair, scruffing it up a little. his curls were dripping. oh god i-

i groaned, "you, dummy! i was watching megan fox and amanda seyfried have a hot lesbian moment and you made me miss it. god, do you have to ruin everything?"

his laugh is so cute when it's muffled. my phone was laying on top of the couch pillows.

"why watch that when you can come have a live show of me showering." that fucker! shawn has been acting real.... i'd say, douchey since he came out stating that he loved me.

it was my turn to roll my eyes. "sure, i'd love to see your two-inch dick. tell geoff and teddy i said hi and that i miss them more than you."

shawn's lower lip was forming into a pout. does he have to be adorable and so stupid for every little thing?

and that's when things took a turn.

"you know...." he starts. "i've been meaning to talk to you about last week. um, when i sent you that text message."

my heart was beating faster than a humming bird. my hands were beginning to sweat and for my cheeks, well, they were starting to get redder than any tomato i'd ever seen.

he was bound to show his true colors on what he said that day and i wasn't ready for any of it.

knowing myself, i'd probably say something that would ruin this whole conversation and possibly having shawn to hate for the rest of his life.

therefore, he'll call stassie over and post her all over instagram, letting me know i fucked up big time.

hell, he can even get kelsey once he's done with stassie. this was shawn mendes we were talking about. it's bad for me to talk about him like this, but my imagination roams and gets the best of me.

who could blame a girl for having such thoughts? they are called 'thoughts' for reason. i gulped harshly, feeling the saliva fall back my throat.

"did you really meant what you said? do you really love me, shawn?"

the line goes quiet. i can't see shawn's face as the camera's propped on the ceiling of his hotel room.

then, i hear whispering; he's talking to the guys about the situation between us.

okay, and this is where i come in and start to get really mad at shawn's big headed ass.

why does it hit him harder than ever to talk about his problems with his friends when it is a problem between me and him? like, that's one way to identify that the relationship or in this case, friendship will work it.

if you're willing to put in an effort, then you obviously have to talk to your significant other or once again, in this case, your friend about the problem since uhh, it is a me and him problem.

first of all, where is brian, andrew, geoff and teddy in this? were they there when shawn decided to be a total dumb ass and send me an 'i love you' text. no, i think the fuck not.

these are the things that piss me off about him. shawn tends to speak and try to resolve the problem with his crew when he has me, um helllloooo, i'm basically the fucking problem you're to solve, god damn.

why can't he just grow the so-called "balls" he has and talk to me about it. i'd be more than happy to settle down things and get some things off our chest, like how i TRULY feel about him, but no.

homeboy likes to get away from the problem and have a whole gossip girl episode with his friends.

"shawn, if you don't tell me in the next minute, then i'm hanging up and you'll try to explain some other way." i say. my heart feels heavy.

as i predicted:

the call has ended.


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