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Shivika slept hugging eachother

In morning Shivaay woke up seeing ger hugging him which was normal from childhood but it changed due to Shivaay's behaviour

He woke up first. He saw her sleeping. He stared her.

Her father came and saw him staring her

H- let her sleep. She is your wife only

S- dad I have not asked her yet. I don't know how will she react

H- ok . I will ask her

S- b... But don't force

H- i know Shivaay.  It's matter of my daughter's life and I know who is better for her

Anika woke up

A- d... Dad

Harsh walked towards her

H- Good morning princess

Anika smiled and hugged him

A- Good morning dad

H- happy birthday to you my princess. Love you a lot

Anika started crying in his arms

"Dad I missed you a lot. This devil also irritated me", said Anika putting her head on his lap

He caressed her hairs

H- Princess situations were like that I am sorry. But I promise that I will not leave you after this

Anika smiles

H- ok beta pack your bags we are leaving

Anika became schocked as well as shivaay

S- What... What is the need  uncle

A - Y... Yes dad we can live with him too na

H- I know princess but we can't live with then forever. And also our mansion is also waiting for you . I mean our mansion is also free right

Shivaay was feeling sad that Anika will leave him so he left from there.

Anika was also same . She started crying

A- Da...dad. I love you but I don't wanna leave

H- Ok you can live here

"Wh.. what do you mean", asked Anika

H- I have to leave for mansion tomorrow

"Then I will also come. I can't live without you", said Anika and hugged him again. He is her father as well mother too.

Rudra saw them and came

R- happy birthday di why are you crying on your birthday

Harsh bowed his head

H- I told her that we will leave tomorrow

Rudra also became sad hearing this

Here Shivaay sat near pool and started crying. Tears were Rolling from his face. He was feeling defeated today.

S- I don't want you to leave Anika but I also don't want you to spoil your birthday

He remembered their memories

Flashback start

Anika and Shivaay are talking randomly

Shivaay asked Anika to stood up

A- Shivaay I am hell scared . What if I fall down

S- Then I am there to held you

A- But

S- Shh.

He holded her hand . She stood up with his help. Shivaay moved far leaving Anika's hand

S- c'mon Anika you can do it. Come towards me

Anika started taking slow steps. She was stumbling. He immediately came towards her and holded her

S- carefully Anika

He holded her hands and put them on his shoulders.

He moved backwards and with his each step Anika was moving forwards

Like this they walked for sometime
In between Shivaay was joking to make her mood light and Anika was laughing hearing his jokes

Flashback end

Shivaay wiped his tears and walked towards her room

He saw Rudra there.

S- Ru don't cry

He was cold as ice but only he knows that he was fighting with his feelings

He came towards Anika. He wiped her tears

S - Don't waste your tears on your birthday Anu. Live your present Anu

Anika nodded

S- Ru what are you going to gift hey hmm

R- why should I tell you hmm

H- anyways I am throwing a party today in Obroi mansion hope you haven't any problem

S- No we don't have

Anika smiled lightly

S- Anu please stay happy always and today too please. Don't spoil your mood today

A- I hate my birthday. I just hate it. Last 3 years I was alone and now on this day I am again going to be alone

It came as a sword for him. Anika realised what she said in anger

Anika holded his hand

A- sorry shiv . I really don't wanted to hurt you. It was unintentionally

Shivaay hugged her tightly. He is crying from inside thinking that she will leave but at same time he did not want to destroy her birthday

S- It's ok Anu . It was my mistake. And yaa don't spoil your birthday

A- hmm ok

Everybody in house was sad because of the mere thought that she was going to leave soon. But they remained happy for her happiness

At evening

Anika's birthday party was being organised. Everybody masked themselves with happy faces.

Anika came down wearing a pink gown. Shivaay was adoring her

S- Stunning, looking like a fairy Anu

Anika blushed.

A- thanks shivaay

S- ok I had arranged an musketeer party too. Have these masks and wear them after cutting cake

Everyone nodded .  Only Shivaay knows the reason. That he did to hide his tears. He enjoyed a lot with her but he can't stop her because he is her dad. He had also right to live with his daughter


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Don't worry about this separation because here shivika will ye together. Shivaay will come to meet her

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