Chapter 9

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Izuku POV

It is weird how I haven't felt any kicks from the twins. Never mind that it is time for me to get ready for school. Today I will be wareing baby blue pants with a green shirt with green pink yellow and purple flower decoration on the bottom of it.

Now that is done time to go down stairs. Once I was in the kitchen I hugged Shota because I knew he was waiting for some breakfast to be done cooking.

Shota's POV

Like always well since I got my little husband pregnant I got up early to make him and the twins breakfast. I was waiting for some of it to finish cooking and then suddenly felt strong arms around me but didn't squeeze me. I hugged Izu back because I knew it was him in the first place so I hug him lightly to not hurt the twins. After the hug he let go and I was about to unhug him myself but before I did he quickly did it himself and put both of my hands on his belly.

I: I am worried what happens if we don't get to feel the babies kicks.

A:Izu please they will start kicking in no time I can at least tell you that.


Those words was enough to make me not worry much about it anymore and once he did say that well after a minute went by we started to feel little kicks. I was so happy that I finally get to feel the little kick and the best thing is shota felt it at the same time. When he did feel the first kick his face became from loveing looking to happy in an instant.

I: They kicked I am so happy.
A: I am also Izu and we got to feel the first kick together.
I: Aww they stopped kicking and yes we did.

I gave shota a quick kiss and when I parted away breakfast was ready. Me and shota ate then we were on our way to school.

Uraraka POV (didn't see that coming did you)

Don't get me wrong when I say I am happy for deku-kun he is happy enough to be haveing babies and the teacher as his husband. But the thing is ever since they got together for Aizawa sensei and Deku he has been... Oh how do you say it they have been hanging out more and more enough to say Deku no longer eats with anyone in the class not even with his two best friends which is me and Iida. When ever anyone also gets close to him he will just use his quirk so we can't get close to him otherwise he teleports away.

Iida's POV

I think Uraraka-san is not happy that Midoriya is not around as much as he use to be but I get it he is pregnant and will be needing to care for his twins once he gives birth. So to say the next time we might get alone time to see him is either Aizawa-sensei takes care of them so Midoriya can still have fun. Otherwise we must wait at least one year to go have any fun like to say a party for the people who wants to party for example Kaminari.

Aizawa POV

Me and Izu finally got to school by this time the other students didn't mind me and Izu being together.

Sorry that there wasn't much aideku in this part and for you all to have a long wait for this part

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