Chapter 16.

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Oscar nodded, and checked the time on his phone.
"Coming to dinner?" He asked.

Grabbing Cain's shoulder, Blu nodded.
"Yeah. Let's go, then."

The group of three paced down the corridors quietly, keeping their eyes down if passing a late arrival student or a guard.

Oscar leaned and whispered in Bluvs ear.
"I've never seen one of those lads go into a dorm room, or even one of the dorm corridors. What's that about?"

Blu simply shrugged and carried on walking. However, Cain shared what he knew about them.

"They're in a separate building called the Late House. Or the 'Hyena Cage', if you prefer. That one just across there," he pointed out the window to a building not too far in the distance,
"Only 'cos the walls and doors are stronger in there. Guards can get to 'em easier too without disturbing the rest of the school."

Oscar peered out the window and noticed a tall, muscular dark haired boy crack open the door to the Late House, and slink into it.

"Why's it called a Late House? And why do they call it the Hyena Cage?"
Oscar pondered out loud.

"Late House, because it's where the late arrivals stay. Hyena Cage because they'll tear you apart, piece by piece, and hysterically laugh at your bitter deat-- ow!"

Blu slapped Cain in the chest to shut him up.
"Basically, they're pure evil, stay away from them if you see them."

All the while, Cain was whisper chanting 'kill, kill, kill' in the background. Blu gave him a firm smack on the upside of the head, and promptly informed him that killing someone is not always the right thing to do.

They entered the dining hall, and were greeted by a guard putting their arm out in front of them.

"NAMES?" The guard barked, startling the group of three.

Cain rolled his eyes.
"Why, though?"

The guard looked taken aback for a moment, not used to students talking back at him.
"Because, young man, we need to know who's been in and who's come out. Those that haven't been spotted at all will be searched for and questions. Do you understand, boy?!"

Exasperated, Cain nodded.
"Cain Burrows," he nodded his head at Blu, "This is Blu Addison--"

"Nice to meet you, sir!" Blu stuck his hand out towards to guard, prompting him to shake it. He quickly put his hand back when the guard glared at him.

Cain pointed at Oscar.
"And this one's Oscar Knorsberry. Can we go and eat now?"

The guard stood aside and let the boys in.
"Miserable git." Cain muttered under his breath.

The boys collected their plate of food and sat down with their friends.

Like usual, Tom and Theo were arguing over something stupid again, Danny was silently eating whilst Zeus spoke softly to him, and AJ was telling them all a funny story although none of them were paying attention.

So... The norm.

Oscar placed himself next to the twins, and Blu and Cain sat opposite. A small tangerine rolled down the table towards them, catching the attention of all eight boys.

Isaac and Kaleb snickered at the end of the table.
"Hello, dweebs." Isaac snarled in their direction whilst his companion cackled.

Cain picked the tangerine up and threw it as hard as he could at Isaac's head. It hit him with a small thump.
"Go. Away!"

Isaac smirked. He was getting just the reaction he wanted.
"How. About. No?"

Cain's face glowed with rage as he sat back down in his seat, occasionally glaring towards Isaac and Kaleb.

Isaac continued eating slowly and silently whilst Kaleb noisily wolfed down his food. Isaac knew how easy it was to get a reaction out of each of the boys, and how to do it.

Going after someone they care about, destroying their authority, insults, lies.

Isaac could do it all, and have Kaleb cover for him, no matter what. Kaleb had been manipulated into being Isaac's little servant for three years, and had shown no signs of remorse or rethinking.

Blu whispered in Cain's ear.
"Deep breaths, it'll be okay."

Without another word, Cain stood up from the table and left. The remaining seven boys watched him leave and storm down the corridor, moody as ever.

Blu sighed a long sigh- a rare thing to hear from him.
"He'll be fine."

Oscar got up out of his seat and crossed the table to sit by Blu.
"Are you sure he's alright?"

Blu nodded.
"I'll check when I've finished my dinner."

Nodding, Oscar went back to his oddly dry spaghetti. He listened silently to the small conversations that continued around the table.

Once the boys had all finished their food, they tidied themselves up and left the dining hall, each just as tired as the rest.

"What do you think will happen tomorrow?" Oscar asked, referring to the late comers who would be joining regular lessons with everyone else.

"Oh, definitely more fights. Detention and isolation will fill up. A couple of them seem pretty chill, just did stupid stuff to wind them up as late coming pupils. But the majority seem quite dangerous, so you, little man, stay away." AJ answered after everyone else shrugged.

Oscar grumbled something along the lines of 'I'm not that little' and carried on down the corridor.

He waved them all goodbye and left to his dorm. Unlocking the door, he listened in, as if he were convinced he had some sort of echo location to pinpoint exactly where Jackson was in the room.

Surprise, humans aren't exactly that advanced yet.


Oscar entered the room, and shut and locked the door behind him. He was met with Jackson lying on his bunk.

Tiredly, Oscar rubbed his forehead.
"Get off my bed." he mumbled.

"But I've climbed up the ladder nooooow." Jackson whined in response, knowing he would quickly annoy Oscar.

Oscar rolled his eyes.
"It's not like it's impossible to climb down the ladder."

"You get brave when you're tired, you know that? You don't process how easily I could kill you."

Oscar stared blankly.
"Get off my bed and get into yours."

Reluctantly, Jackson crawled down the creaky ladder and flopped onto his own bed.

"Night, bitch."

Oscar simply turned the light out, and got into bed. He just wanted to sleep before the next day and what it had to offer.

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