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"Say it!"


I'm pushed towards the floor as I drop with a hard thud. My body now aches for the harsh shove from Midas's strength.

I ignore his demands, challenging him to his expectations. However, I can't deny him much longer if I ever want to survive his wrath.

"Say it Winter, or-" I stop him abruptly. The same story that has continued throughout the months since he's found me, taken me to be frank.

"Or what? You'll punish me, make me cry, make me bleed. No? Better yet you'll finish the job and slit my throat?"

My stubbornness continues this will to defy his being. To challenge the very essence of who this man is.

I cannot accept him.

I will not accept him.

"Watch your steps Winter; you're on fragile ice."

"Go ahead Midas hit me with your best shot."

Winter is unaware that her life will forever change.

She challenges the mate bond that everything is predestined for you.

She wants to the choice just as humans do.

When fierce warrior Midas pillages the small pack, he takes his mate, and destroys everything she once knew. However, she will fight all the way 'til the end until her last breath.

So will he.

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