Step too far

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Chara hoovered the thick line of cocaine right up her nose and stood up quickly as the buzz of the high immediately started tingling in her brain.

She passed the straw to Anna, who bent over the mirror and snorted her own line.

“Ahhh, I needed that,” Chara announced, looking in the mirror and adjusting her dress. She reached her hands inside the chest area and lifted up her breasts them to give her cleavage more oomph. She wore a light blue bandage dress that accented her curves. She’d kept the extensions from their photo shoot, and had inserted them this morning for an even more glamorous look.

Anna was decked out head to toe in sparkles, from her skin-tight silver dress to her elaborate, dangly earrings. She even had jewels draped throughout her mane, which she’d tied back and curled, as well as around her neck, wrists, waist, and ankles.

It was the day of the opening party, and her, Jak, Anna and Vinny were all running on about two hours of sleep. They’d been up quite until the wee hours of the morning the night before, doing the final prep work and putting together the final touches for the big day.

Jak had been pulling all the strings he could with the local police since they started building, and he’d “tipped” them handsomely for their protection at the event today. They’d already received permission to play music until sunrise, much to the chagrin of their neighbors. Jak had also gotten them to agree to turn a blind eye to the fact that they would have an on-site drug dealer. The deal they struck was that there would only be one guy, hand-selected by Jak and pre-approved by a member of the force, and he would only deal marijuana, MDMA, and cocaine--nothing else.

Jak had originally called Lek to ask if he could employ his contact on Samui for the gig, but Lek had been curt and almost rude to his cousin over the phone, practically hanging up on him.

Not having much time to reflect on his cousin’s behavior towards him, Jak had shrugged it off and started asking around. He’d quickly found someone else, who he’d vetted and briefed on the situation. He was to dress well and he would only sell to people who came up to him and gave him a password, which would be carefully guarded by Jak.

Chara and Anna had been his first customers.

When they’d started fading around 3 pm, it had been Anna’s idea. “We could use a pick-me-up,” she’d reasoned. Chara hadn’t needed much convincing. They were going to be running around for at least the next 12 hours, probably longer.

Anna had the schedules of all their VIPs who were flying in from all over the world for the opening weekend. Most were flying in on private jets, and they’d organized private speed boats to fetch them from Koh Samui and whisk them directly to their suites on Koh Exotica.

Many were due to arrive soon, and the team was flustered.

As the girls walked out of the ladies’ room, Vinny came marching up to them with their reservation tablet in his hand. His face was flushed with pink and he was breathing heavily. “Anna, we’ve got Suite 342 double booked! How did this happen?” he panted.

“Oh shit, how!?” Anna took the tablet from him and looked at the screen. She slapped her hand to her forehead and scrunched her face. “Crap, you’re right.”

“Chara! I need you!” Jak called from the kitchen.

“Sorry guys, gotta run,” Chara told Anna and Vinny, secretly relieved she didn’t have to deal with the double booking conundrum.

She rushed to the kitchen, where the F&B team of 10 was busy prepping for the welcome dinner that evening. The kitchen was, like everything else in Koh Exotica, huge, shiny and modern, decked out with top-of-the-line equipment.

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