Luke continues to look amused as his eyes are slightly wide and he tries to keep up with everything I'm saying. I hang my head realizing how needy and desperate I sound but I also can't find it in me to care at all.

    Luke opens his mouth to respond and I so desperately want to know what he's thinking but of course we're cut off by the sound of my door opening. I've been trying to get in the habit of locking the door whenever Luke's here but of course I managed to forget today.

    Calum and Ashton come in freshly from the gym as they both remain shirtless.

    "You guys are the most lame couple I know," Ashton says dramatically as he takes a seat at my desk making me raise my eyebrow. "Have sex or something, don't just sit in here and read."

    I take the book and chuck it at Ashton considering I doubt I'll be able to read now. Ashton puts his hands up but still manages to get hit by the book regardless making Luke laugh.

    "Maybe we'd be able to if you guys weren't barging into my room all the time," I say giving them a look.

    "Hey, if the door's unlocked, I'm coming in," Calum says to me as he plops next to me on my bed making me cringe considering I can smell the sweat coming off of him. "Plus, we can hear when something's going on in here. Last time you weren't exactly quiet-"

    "Alright enough," I say quickly shutting him up as my cheeks no doubt redden. "The point is, you should at least knock before coming in."

    "Where's the fun in that?" Calum asks flipping over so he's laying on his back and facing the ceiling.

    I turn to Luke as if to ask for help and he just shakes his head in disbelief. I shouldn't be surprised but you'd think they had the slightest bit of decency.

    "We came in because it's important," Ashton says grabbing my attention. "We have a show this weekend and need another song."

    Luke immediately groans and I know he's getting tired of having to keep up with all this song writing. I'm sure he just wants to relax but instead now he has to worry about writing another song.

    "One of you guys really can't try?" he asks.

    "We can, but it will be shitty," Calum says making a good point.

    Luke could put the song writing on them but realistically, it wouldn't turn out as good. I know Luke's coming to the point where he's running out of ideas and the overwhelming need to write songs is starting to become a lot for him.

    "And remember, the guy from the label is going to be here so we really need you to write it," Ashton says making Luke squeeze his eyes shut.

    He knows damn well that he needs to be the one to write it. Especially because the guy from the label will be there.

    "Fine but you guys are choosing what it's about. I'm fresh out of ideas," Luke says and I can see the annoyance on his face. It's clear that he's frustrated that such an immense amount of pressure is on him.

    "How are we supposed to know what it should be about?" Ashton asks as if it's the most ridiculous request ever.

    "You have to have something that can inspire you," I say speaking up for Luke. "You guys have been on this planet for more than two decades, put your heads together and think."

    Calum groans and places his hands over his face. I roll my eyes at how dramatic the two are being at such a simple request. If they expect Luke to write all these songs, they're going to need to start helping out.

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