"Happy Birthday, FP Jones"

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A/N: This is a little angsty one-shot with a happy ending or not quite as happy ending as we would like.

The birthday party was great. Jughead, Betty and Jellybean really did their best to arrange an unforgettable party for him.

However, he missed someone. He had a lot of friends around him, and yet he felt lonely. It's amazing that one person could have acted on it so much.

When they returned home, he was silent. When he lay down on the bed, he couldn't fall asleep. He turned from side to side. It was pointless. If Gladys and Jellybean weren't sleeping on the couch, he would watch televisions. He wanted to read a book, but the light would wake up Jughead.

He got up from his big, empty bed and looked at his wife. She was sleeping deeply. She was pretty, but it wasn't the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

He heard a knock on the door. He was surprised because he didn't expect any guests. He opened the door and his heart stopped.

She was standing in front of him. The love of his life. The person he missed today at the party. Immediately a broad smile appeared on his lips.

"Hi, FP," she said quietly, her velvety soft voice was a joy in his ears.

"Hi, Alice," he answered and went outside. He closed the door behind him.

"I have something for you," she said and pulled a small, gray box from behind her back. "Happy birthday, FP Jones," she added.

"Alice you didn't have to," he replied.

"I had to ... I mean ... I wanted to ... I would feel bad," she whispered, and he grinned. He picked up the box.

"You were not at the party," he said as his hand accidentally touched her fingers. She looked at him.

"It's your day and you should be with your loved ones," she shrugged. "Anyway, I do not like parties, you know about it"

"You're a party animal," he said and let his eye go to her.

"You got me," she smiled at him. "In two minutes will be midnight, I managed to give you a gift and my best wishes," she added. "I wanted to give it to you before I left"

"You're leaving?" his heart was filled with emptiness. Where did she want to leave? Is it because of him?

"Yes, to New York. I was offered a good job and ... if I didn't take it, I would probably regret it for the rest of my life, "she laughed.

Her laughter was so beautiful and carefree. He wanted to kiss her. Oh, how he wanted to kiss her.

He wanted to ask her to stay. He looked into her eyes. He saw in them that she didn't want to leave.

If she stayed, she would be unhappy because of him. And that will hurt him.

"You deserve this work. You deserve it," he replied. "This gift is also a goodbye in a sense?"

"I wanted to give you something so you would think about me sometimes," she whispered and walked over to him.

She reached out and put her arms around his neck. He felt the warmth of her body and he relaxed. He embraced her gently at first, then tightened his grip, because he understood that tomorrow she wouldn't be here.

He looked into her eyes and smiled. He stroked her cheek and approached her. His breathing accelerated, hers too.

He put his hands on her neck and brought his lips closer to her. He kissed her. It was a goodbye kiss. She returned the kiss, but quickly moved away from him.

"Gladys can see that," she said, slightly confused and cleared her throat.

Gladys. Yes, he forgot about her completely. He forgot that she exists.

"Yes ... I ..." he didn't finish because Alice kissed him again.

"Don't say anything more, FP." she said and turned on her heel. She went to her car, but before she got in she waved goodbye to him. "See you, Jonesy. Visit me sometimes. I'll send you the address," she said and got into the car.

He laughed and looked at the box he held in his hand. He noticed the card, so he read it.

For Serpent King.
Your beloved Serpent Queen.

He smiled broadly and entered the trailer.

Your beloved Serpent Queen.

Mine, he thought. Only mine.

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