Cousin Talk

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Catherine's P.O.V.

Tomorrow.... is going to kill me. It's 8 p.m. and I'm getting a little bit nervous. Why should I be nervous? It's not a date... We're just friends. Why do I get nervous feelings when he's around. You know that I like him.

I kinda like what's going to happen tomorrow. What should I do? What should I wear? What should I say? Why can't I be myself?

Can I be comfortable with him? Can I just tell my secret so this nervousness will end. Maybe it's a bad idea.

"Hey."KC said."What are you doing here?" I asked."I just wanted to remind you that Chris will be here tomorrow at 10."KC said."What should I do?" I asked.

"It's your choice. Don't choose something just because you know that he's going to like it."KC said."Because I still need to be comfortable with I wear." I said."I did this because I know you want it. You want to go out with him."KC said."How did you know?" I asked.

"When we're young... you told me that you want to go with him one day. You're going to make sure that day is going to be special."KC said."How can I make tomorrow special?" I asked."I can't answer that but you can answer that. I'm not the person who is going out with him. It's you..."KC replied.

"I'm really nervous. He is one of the most popular person in the world and he's going to go out with a girl that was never popular.... yet.. or never." I said."Popularity is out of this date... I mean hangout."KC said."He is famous and I'm not." I said."Stop... the important thing is he agreed that he's going out with you. Good luck. I'm going to watch TV. You should better rest."KC said."Ok." I said.

Then she went away. Then I decided to sleep. Good luck to me tomorrow!


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