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HAPPY 30TH CHAPTER YOU ALLL!!!!!!! OMG 30 Chapters of Awesomeness XD

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A while after the guys trained some more they decided to call it a wrap. They were all tired and hungry but I found it quite interesting to watch them train, it was also quite arousing, that may be my hormones talking but I would like to think that after six months the weirdness would have calmed down...guess not.

"You know I can walk right?" I asked Atesh as he proceeded to carry me from the basement all the way up to our room, I wasn't skinny to begin with so I'm sure the baby weight is a lot more straining.

"Yea but, you're light weight compared to alot of things and people I've carried, and besides you are my pregnant mate, This comes along with the being yours." He smiled kissing my forehead as I opened the door so he could take us into our bedroom and kicked the door shut with his foot.

Suddenly he got this strange look on his face before he set me down on the bed and backed away from me. He began to cough violently and seemed to be gasping for air as he clawed at his throat, dropping to his knees. I watched wide eyed for a moment before trying to rush to the door to find some help. What stopped me from doing so was when he looked up at me.


After the guys finished training, Mina and I made sure that they cleaned up and sprayed down everything before leaving. As I sat and watched them, I began peeling the covers off of the Gatorade bottle so I could use them for something else. I picked up another empty bottled and began to peal the cover off. I noticed it had tape on it covering a now visible hole.

"How did you all manage to make a hole in a gatorade bottle, were practicing finger strength?" I joked holding up the bottle.

"We didn't do anything but drink them, we didn't make any holes in anything." Charlie the youngest of the men answered.

"What do you mean, this bottle has a hole in it, with tape over the hole." I said as I began to peal the tape off and demonstrate the hole my sticking my finger in it.

"We didn't make any holes, Erica brought down some Gatorade for us,and that was a purple bottle it was Atesh's." The twins spoke in unison.

"Erica?" I thought as the Image of earlier this morning when she left in a hurry crossed my mind.

"You don't think..." Mina began as she seemed to be thinking the same thing I was.

"Come on you guys, we need to get to Atesh's room, Now!" I all but panicked as we rushed up to the second floor always down to the last room on the left.

The closer we got the louder the strangled screams and grunts became.

                     ~0=0=0=0= 0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0~

His eyes began to bleed red, even the tears that fell from his eyes were blood red. I couldn't scream, I wasn't sure what to think of my mate at this moment, he was looking at me like I was an enemy!

"Mate!" His voice was hoarse as he used one had to keep his blance on the ground and the other at his chest now.

"Do not run, there is something in his system that is making him go against his wolf, back away slowly, if you move to quick he could hurt us and the pup."Leona spoke calmly, probably making sure not to add to my internal panic.

As I began to slowly back away from him the door burst open revealing all the guys from the training room lead by Shelly and Mina. I looked at them pleading as tears began to run down my cheeks, blurring my vision.

"What the fuck did she do to him!" Mina growled as she and the others observed him from a distance.

"I didn't do anything to him, he just-" I whispered aggresivily yelling might make him attack.

"We know it wasn't you, we're talking about Erica." Shelly rolled her eyes as she motioned for the boys to slowly make their way over to me.

"Erica?" I asked looking back and forth between the small group and struggling mate.

"Yea, I found a hole taped over in the purple Gatorade bottle he drank. Did you notice he was the only one with a purple bottle?" Shelly asked.

"Yea, but I didn't think much of it, I did think much of her bringing them drinks though." I thought out loud as Julius, Andrew, and Charlie stood beside me as my guards.

The sudden feeling of overwhelming sadness came to me and I hugged the person to my right who just happened to be Charlie who without hesitation hugged me back blocking Atesh's view of me, all the while watching him.

"Mate?" Atesh called out to me pleadingly.

"This is his wolf, His human is the one being affected by the poison, it's making him fight the his wolf and the bond you two have." Leona  informed sounding sad.

"Atesh," I tried to reach for him, his eyes were still the bright gold color of his wolf, so I knew I would be safe, but Charlie snatched my hand back.

This movement caused Atesh's wolf to go into a rage and try to attack Charlie. Andrew and Julius were as fast as lightning, catching Atesh mid-jump and slamming him on the ground, holding him back from Charlie and I. All the while he struggled he watched Charlie's movements with me.

"Let go of my mate!" He rage loudly almost knocking over Julius and Andrew but the twins came to hold him down as well.

"What are we going to do?" I cried into Charlies chest.

"We're gonna have to tie him up and see what this poison does, we'll also have to find Erica and Make her answer." Mina Said from her position at the door.

"Erica, is my mate, where is she!?" Atesh called his eyes now blood red, this wasn't his wolf talking.

"No! That woman is your mate!" Shelly shouted at the deranged and struggling man.

"Find a Witch!" Wolf spoke, eyes bleeding into the familiar bright gold.

"Stupid wolf, I am your master you listen to me!" Atesh laughed bitterly.

Suddenly his body fell limp on the ground. I gasped loudly thinking he was dead. Immediately I rushed over to check his pulse. I sighed heavily in relief as he still had a pulse and was still breathing.

"Why did he pass out?" I asked as I wiped the sweat from his face with the bottom of my dress as I moved his hair out of the way.

"Man and Wolf have separated." Leona answered in disbelief.

'What do you mean, mentally they separated?' I thought to her.

"No little one, physically, look behind you." She spoke calmly.

Slowly pulling my hands away from Atesh's face, I turned to see a large wolf a few feet away from us laying on his side with his eyes closed. I got up and made my way over to the large wolf, stroking his head and muzzle waiting for him to wake up.

"How is this Possible, Your wolf can never separate from your body!" Mina rushed toward the wolf and assessed him closely.

"We need to contact an elder, This is some crazy shit!" Shelly was in full panic mode.


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