Part 5

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"Hey bro what's wrong?" Daniel asked coming up to me in the kitchen.
"Alot Daniel," I said and Daniel put his hand on my shoulder.
"Speak child what's on your mind?" Daniel said.
"So I kinds cheated on Y/N," I said with a sigh.
"You did what?!" Daniel shouted and I looked down at the floor.
"You cheated on my little cousin!," Daniel shouted again and balled his fist.
"Bro I didn't mean to and it was only a one time thing," I said and Daniel shook his head.
"Jack you still fucking cheated on her," Daniel tryed not to shout this time.
"Daniel Im sorry I know I shouldn't have but it just happened," I said and Daniel punched my shoulder. I rubbed my shoulder while Daniel walk away from me and not saying a thing.
"Why did you tell?" Zach said from the door.
"I didn't say who dumbass," I said and Zach walked over to me.
"Good cuz this is our secret," Zach said and connected our lips. I kissed back and it got alittle heated before Zach pulled away.
"Zach..." I sighed and he gave me a weak smile.
"I know it won't happen again but we're now Friends with benefits," Zach said and I smirked while shaking my head.
"Deal," I said and Zach pecked my lips before walking away and back upstairs.
"What the fuck?" I heard Jonah's voice from the back door.
"Jonah you saw that?" I stuttered and Jonah nodded slowly.
"What about Y/N?" He questioned not moving from the door.
"I don't know yet Jonah," I said and Jonah sighed.
"Bro you and Zach are adorable and all but you are still cheating on Y/N but don't worry I wont tell her," Jonah said and left the kitchen.
"Shit," I said under my breath and hit my fist off the counter.

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