Chapter 19

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My head felt dizzy and my eyes were droopy. For some reason, my stomach felt as if a wolf had scratched it. My hands were tired and felt awfully bruised.

The taste of blood in my dry mouth woke me up and I had to adjust to the light so that I can see where I was.
Nothing. I can't hear anything. I beg for my senses to allow me to understand where am I and what is happening.

The last thing I remember was myself tied on a chair with a cold blindfold, covering my eyes. Then Dan said "Smile" and then...
Oh God... Where was I? What is happening? Where is Dan?

I try to move my body but I felt as if I was in the greatest of dungeons, that kept prisoners. It took me a moment to realise, I was tied on a chair again with my hands tied behind my back and my legs tied on the chair's legs. It was too tight. Way too tight.

Finally, after what it felt like forever, my eye vision got used to the light of the room. Now I could see, hear, smell and taste clearly. It's so quiet and everything feels so cold.

I am in the basement, that's for sure. I breath weakly and look up. Dan was here too.

He was staring at me blankly as if he expected me to do something. His stare is way too intense for me, so I trued to break the silence.
"Dan...?" I stutter. "What is happening?" I clearly had no clue why I was still tied on the chair. Yes, I tried to escape but would this punishment continue forever?

His neutral stare, that felt like a snake staring at you with its scary cold eyes, turned into a smile. But not a friendly smile. "Your friends are coming to save you." He said coldly and clearly not amused. He lowered himself to look at my weak body. "But I won't let them take you. Even if they do, you will be dead."

My eyes widened. My friends? Jimmy, Ada and anyone else would come to save me? No, they shouldn't. They will trouble themselves with this bastard. Though, even if they do, Dan will kill me. But why? Fear, sadness but mostly rage rises in my weak soul.

"Don't you dare." I warned but he didn't even flinch. "Don't you dare touch them." I warned him again but this time he chuckled. "Don't worry, even if I do hurt them, you will be dead." His calm voice makes sick. Asshole.

"Why would you do this? Don't you want me alive? Don't you want me to be yours!" This is what he wanted from the first time he kidnapped me and pulled me into this pile of shit. He smiled, wickedly.

"If I kill you, I will for sure kill myself and then we will be happy together, forever." My ears felt as if they would fall off. "No more running aways, no more hurting words, no friends to bother us. Just you and me. Together...forever." He chuckled but then his chuckle turned into a light laughter which temporarily became a hysterical laughter. I just wanted to kill him so much.

"Fuck you." I spat in his face. His wide smile turned even wider, creepier than before. His smile will forever haunt my dreams. I will never forget his crooked smile andnd his blueish eyes pinning my soul.

"As you wish" he finally said and turned his back to me. I tried to take a peek with my head to see what he was planning to do. But I wish I never tried to look.

Right across him, was a small counter. He approached it and then opened a drawer, pulling our a syringe that had some weird liquid in it.

I gasped. He was planning to overdose me. "No way..." I whispered under my breath. Dan turned to me and approached my chair. I started panicking and banging myself against the chair. This was the end of me. I was going to die! I'll never make plans for the future, I'll never see my friends again...I'll never be able to tell Lucifer that I...

Dan was now close to my neck. "We will need a couple of other doses. This is just the first darling. Close your eyes if you are scared."
It was the first time that a calming voice, couldn't calm me down. But I did as he said, I closed my eyes waiting for the sting to pour into my skin. Dan's breath was close to my neck, same with the sting. Tears fall out of my closed eyes as the sting touches my neck softly and the liquid runs into my veins. I already feel weak but my eyes don't close, as I hear someone making noise on the top floor.

Dan turned his attention to where the sound came. "Fuck" he murmured and walked out of the basement with a gun. I breathlessly let my voice out before I pass out "Help."

Jimmy's POV:

I broke into Dan's house by giving a kick on the door. As I entered the house, I really couldn't help but panic. There wasn't much to do. There was only a fireplace that fire was dancing inside it and a really cleaned up living room. "How can you make noise??"
I thought to myself, but then I noticed the kitchen and started pushing things over and over again to make some noise. Soon after, I hear footsteps behind me. This must be Dan. Damn it. I grab and knife from the counter and turn to face him. He truly looked psychotic. More psychotic than the first time I saw him.

I take a breath and point the knife towards him, as he does the same. He chuckles. "Oh boy...Aren't you scared?"
His voice was much deeper than I expected and his eyes were filled with mixed emotions, which I could not tell what they were.
"Come on, let that thing down. You can't win me. Soon enough, you will get hurt."

I take a deep breath and try not to panic. "No. I will free my friend from your psychotic hands first and then I will kill you."

He didn't seem amused but I could tell he was scared too. Damn... Stephan, where are you?



Me, Ada and Stephan try to break open the small window of the basement. When it finally opens, Ada crawls in and I almost had a heart attack when I heard her whisper yell "Kathy, is here!!"
Stephan crawls in after Ada and I do the same. We both rush and look around. The sight was not pretty. Soon enough we spot a half unconscious Kathy, tied on a chair and blood running out of her mouth.

Stephan was the first to run towards her and start to untie her. "It will be okay, don't worry, dollface." Stephan soothed Kathy. She opened her eyes and looked at the three of us. She tried to smile but then she fell unconscious again, with her head hanging low.

"That bastard dosed her." Ada said as she picked a syringe from the ground. "We have to hurry" I quickly say as Stephan finally unties her.

"Okay, Lucifer, I trust you on this. Please, hold her." Stephan insists and I nod my head. I felt so lucky to be trusted by Stephan.
With my hands I pick up Kathy onto my non-injured shoulder and carry her out of the basement. Soon after, Ada and Stephan follow. Stephan is holding a gun with him and Ada wears my backpack.

We are close to freedom, I can feel it! But then, out of the room, I notice Jimmy pointing a knife towards Dan. Dan was holding one too, but it was way bigger.

I looked back at Stephan and Ada and put my index finger on my mouth to warn them to be silent. They both notice Dan and panic but then they try to be as quiet as possible.

"Guys, it's time." I finally said quietly. "Ada, please, give me the gasoline." Stephan, told Ada. Then Ada nodded and gave it to Stephan.

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