Chapter 17 - Twice

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Mamrie and Chester found Hannah sitting by Grace's hospital bed when the got there. Her head was resting on the blanket, her eyes shut.

Mamrie walked into the room and shook her younger friend lightly. "Hannah?" She whispered. Hannah's eyes flickered open.

"Is she still out of it?" Chester asked, worried.

Hannah stood up, motioning for the pair to follow her out of the room. "Grace was really confused when she came to in the ambulance. She was really distressed. She started panicking and thrashing around in the gurney." A few tears spilled down Hannah's cheeks as she recounted the ordeal. "She ended up so hysterical that they had to give her a mild sedative."

"Is she ok now?" Chester asked, worry lines etched into his forehead.

"Yeah." Hannah answered. "The doctor said she's stable and sleeping off the sedative."

"And the baby?" Mamrie queried reluctantly.

Hannah shrugged. "I was made wait outside while they did an ultrasound. They haven't come back with any test results yet."

Chester pulled Hannah into an unexpected hug. "Thank you for looking after her. I'm sorry I couldn't." He whispered. Mamrie squeezed his shoulder, before the three of them crept back into Grace's room.


Grace squinted. She wondered why it was so bright. As her eyes adjusted she took in her surroundings. Chester was asleep in a chair beside where she was lying and Mamrie was snoring on a sofa beside the door. Hannah was pacing at the foot of the bed, whispering down the phone.

Grace's body felt heavy. She tried to sit up, an exhausted groan escaping her body.

At the sound of Grace, Chester grunted and sat bolt upright, immediately grabbing her hand and stroking it. "Hey Gracie." He said softly. "How ya feeling?"

"Like I've been hit by a bus." She mumbled, a small smile escaping her lips.

"I'm glad you can still crack a joke." Chester grinned. "Do you remember what happened?"

Grace nodded sadly. "Yeah."

"I'm just gonna go let the doctors know your awake." Hannah interrupted, walking out of the room.

"Gracie I am so sorry I ran." Chester blurted out, the moment Hannah closed the door. "I freaked out a bit. But honestly, if there's a baby, or if there's no baby, I'm going to be here for you 110%. And-"

Grace cut him off. "I love you." She said, pulling down to her level for a passionate kiss.

Mamrie, sat up startled from her slumber. "Ew guys really?!" She complained at the sight of two of her friends sucking face. "Gross."

Chester pulled away from Grace, rolling his eyes as the doctor came into the room.

"Hi Grace." He smiled warmly. "I'm Dr. Redmond. Now I'm just looking at your results here. It would appear you collapsed because there was no food in your system. When was the last time you sat down and had a meal?"

Grace thought about it for a moment...."Ummm Sunday?" She answered. "I have a really busy schedule. It's hard to fun time to sit down and eat sometimes."

"Grace." Dr. Redmond said sternly. "You really have to start looking after yourself. Those babies need a good home for the next few-"

"I'm sorry." Chester cut him off, laughing nervously. "Babies? What do you mean babies."

"The twins your girlfriend is carrying!" Dr. Redmond explained, as if it was completely obvious. "According to our calculations and measurements, conception was around January 17th. Is that correct?"

"Yes." Grace mumbled, slightly embarrassed to be discussing this in front of her two best friends. She remembered that night, also remembering that they hadn't used protection. "Are you sure it's twins? It might just have two heads." She joked nervously.

"No." Dr. Redmond chuckled. "It's definitely two. At 16 weeks it's hard to mistake something like that."

Grace looked down, resting two hands on her stomach, which suddenly felt significantly rounder.

"This wasn't planned." She admitted to the doctor. "I only realised I was pregnant about 12 hours ago. I'm not maternal enough for something like this." Her eyes filled with tears, as Chester put a hand over hers to stop her fingers rubbing. "I didn't even notice them for 3 months! I don't think I can do this." She sobbed. "I've been drunk so many times over the last 3 months!"

"I think I might give you some time." Said Dr. Redmond calmly as he stepped out of the room.

"Yeah we should probably go too Gracie." Mamrie said as she motioned her head towards Hannah and then to the door. "You guys have some stuff to talk about."

After hugging Grace, the two girls slipped out the door. "Ring us later." Hannah called as they left.


Grace sat in her desk chair staring out into the garden of her cabin, rubbing Goose's ears absentmindedly. After the doctor confirmed that her bleeding was only spotting and all three of them were healthy, she was released from the hospital. She made Chester take her straight home, not saying a word during the drive.

Goose whined at her feet and she got up to feed him. She couldn't raise a baby, she thought to herself, let alone two! There was no way.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she pulled it out to see a message from Chester.

Message from Chester to grace:

"If you decide you want to do this, I'll be there for you and them 200%. I love you Gracie xx"

Grace sobbed silently to herself before messaging him back.

Message from Grace to Chester:

"Okay. Let's do it. Come over?"

Moments after she hit send, she heard her front door swing open.

"I never left." Chester said, as he ran to her, pulling her into a loving hug. "That's not a mistake I plan on making again."

Grace smiled into his chest as she hugged him back. "Are you sure about this?" She mumbled.

"I've never been more sure about anything in my life."

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