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Definition of Terms

Abduction - the taking away of a woman from her house or the place
where she may be for the purpose of carrying her to another place
with the intent to marry or to corrupt her.

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      Forcible abduction - If a woman is transported from one place
      to another by virtue of restraining her of her liberty, and that
      act is coupled  with lewd designs.

      Serious illegal detention - If a woman is transported just to
      restrain her of her liberty. There is no lewd design or lewd intent.

      Grave coercion - If a woman is carried away just to break her
      will, to compel her to agree to the demand or request by the

      Special complex crime of Kidnapping with Murder -  When the victim
      dies or is killed as a consequence of the detention.

Abortion By A Physician Or Midwife And Dispensing Of Abortives -
punishes a pharmacist who merely dispenses with an abortive without the proper
prescription of a physician. If pharmacist knew that the abortive would
be use for abortion, she would be liable as an accomplice in the crime
of abortion.

Acts Of Lasciviousness - Committed under circumstances w/c, had there
been carnal knowledge, would amount to rape. Offended party is a
female or male.

Adherence – intellectually or emotionally favors the enemy and harbors
sympathies or convictions disloyal to his country’s policy or interest.

Agent Of Person In Authority – any person who, by direct provision of
law or by election or by appointment by competent authority, is charged
with the maintenance of public order and the protection and security
of life and property.

Aid or Comfort – act w/c strengthens or tends to strengthen the enemy
of the government in the conduct of war against the government, or an
act w/c weakens or tends to weaken the power of the government or
the country to resist or to attack the enemies of the gov’t or country.

Alarms and Scandal - The essence of the crime is disturbance of public
tranquility and public peace. Any kind of disturbance of public order
where the circumstance at the time renders the act offensive to the
tranquility prevailing, the crime is committed.

Allegiance – obligation of fidelity and obedience which individuals
owe to the government under which they live or to the sovereign, in
return for protection they receive.

Certificate - any writing by which testimony is given that a fact has
or has not taken place.

Charivari - is a mock serenade or discordant noises made with kettles,
tin horns etc., designed to deride, insult or annoy.

Combination In Restraint Of Trade - is an agreement or understanding
between two or more persons in the form of a contract, trust, pool,
holding  company or other form of association, for the purpose of
unduly restricting competition, monopolizing trade and commerce in a
certain commodity, controlling its production, distribution and price,
or otherwise interfering with freedom of trade without statutory authority.
Combination in restraint of trade refers to the means while monopoly
refers to the end.

Conspiracy - when two or more persons come to an agreement to rise
publicly and take arms against government for any of the purposes of
rebellion and decide to commit it.

Coup d' Etat - Essence of the crime: Swift attack against the government,
its military camps an installations, etc. It maybe committed singly or
collectively. Committed through force, violation, intimidation, threat,
strategy or stealth.

Customs - refer to established usage, social conventions carried on by
tradition and enforced by social disapproval in case of violation.

Decency - means properly observing the requirements of modesty,
good taste.

Delay in the Delivery of Detained Persons - Crime is committed by
failing to deliver such person to the proper judicial authority within
a certain period. Detention is for some legal ground.

Dereliction of Duty - Committed only by public officers who have the
duty to institute prosecution for the punishment of violations of
the law. Public officer does not abandon his office but merely fails
to prosecute a violation of the law.

Direct Assault - The Public Authority or the Agent of the Public
Authority must be engaged in the performance of official duties or
that he is assaulted by reason thereof.

Direct Bribery - the officer agrees to  perform or refrain from doing
an act in  consideration of the gift or promise.

      Indirect Bribery - it is not necessary  that the officer do any
      act. It is  sufficient that he accepts the gift  offered by
      reason of his office.

Dissolute – lax, unrestrained, immoral (includes maintainer of house
of prostitution).

Document - any written statement by which a right is established or
an obligation is extinguished.

Duel - is a formal or regular combat previously consented to by two
parties in the presence of two or more seconds of lawful age o

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