Chapter 15: Despair

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Midoriya and Purple Sister(Nepgear) both dashed foward to the drones that were in the way. Purple Sister slashed at two drones
with great damage. Midoriya used his power and sped up to three drones and kick them all. The three drones were sent flying in different areas as they exploded.

Nepgear continued dashing foward. Midoriya dashed with her. She slashed a drone in the way. Midoriya charged his punch.

Nepgear: Mirage Dance!
She said slashing the drones with one powerful strike.

Midoriya: Smash!
He said punching the drone to an army of drones. As the drone that he punched that was sent flying, the drone exploded along with the other drones as the explosions spreaded.

Nepgear looked at a whole place that looked like a junkyard. She yelled at the top of her lungs. Midoriya went by her and charged his power to a good minimum.

(Back to Warechu and Arfoire)

Warechu watched the radar on screen. He saw a green ring form on the entire radius.

Arfoire: So, those little brats wiped out all of our little monsters did they? She said disappointed.

Warechu: They're a lot tougher then we thought.

Arfoire: Hmph. Well, no matter. I was starting to get bored here standing around. She laughed.

(Back with the candidates)

Nepgear flied in front of Compa's car along with IF riding her motorbike. Nepgear holded on Midoriya's hand as she floated in the air.

Purple Sister: You know. I realized something. All this time I was ok being weak. Because I had my sister to protect me. In a ways of staying close to her. I was just holding myself back. I needed to allow myself to grow and get stronger!

Uni: That's all you need to transform? Well, that doesn't do me really good. She said.

Uni: I've never been okay to be weak.

Nepgear: Yeah, you got a point.
She agreed. IF seen the location that they were going to.

IF: Ok, we're just about there.

They all saw a purple light over the hill. Nepgear had a courageous determined look on her face. Midoriya was going serious mode now.

Nepgear put down Midoriya along by her side

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Nepgear put down Midoriya along by her side. The candidates and him saw a pink pyramid that had the CPUs trapped. Nepgear was worried sick.

Purple Sister: Neptune!

Neptune heard her voice again from before.

Neptune: Nepgear!

Rom and Ram: Big sis!
They both said at the same time.

Uni: Noire!

They all had worried looks and they were glad to see them again.
Including Midoriya.

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