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Moonlight POV

It all went black when I was 8. It was my fault. I wanted the ice cream; it was my idea. It's my fault they're dead. Everyone tells me differently, but in my head, it makes sense. It all started nine years ago, the day I lost everything, the day I remember like yesterday.

"Mummy, Daddy. I want ice cream!!!" I shouted with all my might.

"Sure princess," they both said in unison.

"Yay, let's go, let's go," yelled while jumping up and down.

Both my parents laughed and started walking towards the front door. We all piled into the car, turn the music on. Dad and I would always scream the music. Next thing we know there is a car coming right at us. The lights were so bright it looked like I was going into heaven. I tried to wake up; I wanted to see my parents. All I saw was darkness. One day, I don't know when but one day I woke up with something on my hand and annoying beeping in my ears. I opened my eyes, but all I saw was darkness. I was scared, and I didn't know what was happening. I heard a noise, so I got even more afraid.

"W...Who's there?" my bottom lip trembling.

Whoever the person was that was holding my hand suddenly let go. I could tell it was a she since her hand was small. I could hear her crying, maybe from relief.

"Moon.." My Aunt said starting slow

"Aunty, I can't see you" a sob coming out

"Hunny, I'll get the doctor. He can tell you" she said running off

I sat in silence, staring into the darkness, wondering what was going on and where my parents were. The doctor came in a minute later.

"Hey Moonlight, how are you feeling?"


"That's okay, anything else?"

"I can't see."

They both stayed silent for a while. I could tell he wanted to say something but didn't know how to determine an eight-year-old that she was blind.

"Moonlight, do you remember anything from the night."

"I remember a car hitting into us, bright light then everything going black."

"You were hit by a car and lost your ability to see."

I froze, I won't be able to see anything, again. A single tear ran down my face

"What happened to my parents and the other driver?"

"The driver is fine."

"My parents?"

"The...They died at the scene."

I was lost for words. My parents are dead. It was my fault. More tears slid down my face.

"Oh, baby," My Aunt came across, and I could feel her hug me. I wrapped my arms around her, and I held her there until I was calm enough for the tears to stop running down my face. I pulled back to ask the doctor another question.

"When will I be able to get out?"

"You will get out soon and live with your Aunt if you want?" asked the doctor

I nodded my head. I knew where everything was in my Aunts house; we would go over there every weekend.

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