"I'm Dedicating Every Day to You!"

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"I'll make the world safe and sound for you.

Will come of age with our young nation.

We'll bleed and fight for you, we'll make it right for you."


Them as parents!

[I've removed a few characters and there'll an explanation at the author's note at the end]


Aoi Valt

- Valt would be the most kindest father in the world tbh

- in my opinion, at this point, his mother would be retired and the bakery would be handed to him (but he's moved out of the house and only works there lmao)

- im saying that Valt would bring home bread every time and his kids love it

- will always shower his kids with love and support in whatever they do

- he always makes his goal to embarrass his kids every time he goes to drop them off at school or in public

- and yet, his kid(s) will have the BeyClub be passed down to them

[How would the child look like + act?]

- aH ok im exCITED for this and imma try and place real genes in this and put my freshman year knowledge into play (watch me fail, fellas)

- ok so, the child would have his blue hair IF you dont have brown hair (bc brown hair is dominant/common)

- the child will most likely have a 75% percent chance of being brown eyed (same reason as above) 

- since the child lives in the Aoi household, then they will most likely have a mixture of Valt's personality with yours (but mostly Valt tbh idk why)

[How many kids?]

- in total, you two would have two kids. both are boys, however. they're twins lmao

Aoi Tokonatsu

- feels a little self-conscious if his kids take a liking toward his older brother

- you would always try and reassure him that his kids love him no matter what

- besides that, Tokonatsu would probably have twins and would enjoy seeing how annoying he and his sister Nika were when they were younger

- will most likely be the playful father since that playfulness never left him

- probably gave his child his Bey and will train them

- I assume that Tokonatsu works in a similar job his mother did

[How would the child look like + act?]

- in total, the two of you would have three kids. two girls and one boy

- the child would have your personality with only a few things from his father

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