Part 14

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Sorry for not updating
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Back to Emma

I'm in my bed crying about a stupid boy  then I get a call I didn't know who so I don't answer. I have a bad habit of listening to sad music when I'm sad it just makes me feel worse :(

Someone calls me again making my music stop. Who the fuck is calling me? I answer the phone

" who is it" I say

" It's me Jacob" •

" ooh sorry for not answering"

" no it's fine but are you ok?" •

" yeah" I say but you can tell I was crying

" is it fine if I come over?" He asked

" yeah do you need my address?"

" no Luna send it to me already" he say

" oh ok" I end the call

I need to get my mind off of joey without being with another guy. Fuck Luna is right the only way I can get over joey is by being with someone new. Or I can make Joey jealous so he can see that he actually need me.

Someone knows on the door

I walk downstairs seeing my mom open the door fuck.

" um hi I'm Jacob" I hear him say

" mom that's my friend we're going to be in my room ok" I say grabbing Jacobs hand taking him to my room and when we got there I closed the door. Your probably wondering why I did that

Well my mom is that type of person that will asked so many questions only to my friends and it's so awkward

" that was awkward" he said smiling

" oh yeah a little but next time text me or call me when your here" I say

" got it" he lays down on my bed

I lay down next to him we both look at each other

" you have been crying right" Jacob said still looking at my eyes

" no... well yes I have I know it's stupid but it's just I have been liking him since we were kids" I say a tear runs down on my cheek

Jacob wipes the tear off my face

" Joey is stupid for fucking around with you while dating your sister" he said

" well it was my fault actually I shouldn't have told him how I felt"

" I guess he took advantage of you because he knew you liked him" Jacob said fuck his so right

" can I hug you?" I asked

Fuck why did I asked that

" yeah anytime" he said getting closer to me then we both hug

It feels sooo nice to hug someone fuck I don't want to let go it's been like a good minute hugging Jacob then I feel him trying to leave the hug

" don't let go" I say crying

I felt Jacob hug me even higher than before and it made me feel safe we have been hugging for so long I finally let go

" did that make you feel better" he said

" yeah" I smile

" awesome" he smiled back

" I hope this doesn't sound weird but can we cuddle? If that's ok with you" I say

" yeah anything for you" he said

Aww my heart melted ❤️

We watched Netflix and coddled


I wake up to my alarm and see Jacob still in bed with me I turn off my alarm. Fuck it I'm not going to school today so I go back to sleep

I wake up to Lex screaming to wake up

" what?" I say

" get up and tell your boyfriend Jacob to get up too it's late" she said

I look at Jacob his dead asleep. He was probably the only one doing the project yesterday

" Lex. Jacob and I will go to school later ok" I tell her hoping she doesn't call mom

" ok but you better go to school" she said

" yeah. I will" I say

Then go back to sleep


Sorry for making this short
Hope you like it 💬✨

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