Chapter one

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"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm terribly sorry." the clown grinned, dipping low as he slipped off his hat off of his head.

He said slowly, "But none of you are ever going to leave."

He winks at the curious audience turning around in a slow circle and then putting his hat back on. The crowd explodes with cheering and laughter as they join in on the act.

He takes a bow putting on arm in front of himself "thank you thank you" and then the other.

He continues,"No no the party had just begun and you all are in for a treat. You see," he pauses "we are celebrating exactly one hundred years of the twisted clowns club, a little circus we formed ourselves. Cause you know everyone's a little twisted and we are here to celebrate that. All we want to do is take a peek into your deepest darkest imaginations. You all are about to be apart of something great!"
He says excitedly as another clown jumps on the platform. This clown stares off into the crowd with a fixated look as he holds his hands behind his back. He smiles and then whispers something into the first clowns ear.

After listening to the whispering he clears his throat to quiet the crowd "I myself, Juno believe that Crooks here might be onto something. Which is weird because I don't even like listening to his opinion anyway. So with that being said I require a very special volunteer. Somebody brave, strong, fearless and not afraid of their fate..." a lot of hands shot up immediately because people wanted to be a part of the act.

He looks among the crowd until his eyes fall upon a very specific individual in the crowd. This guy was tall, dark haired with a lip piercing and a snake tattoo trailing up his neck. His blue eyes reflect something in them that nobody else's in the crowd did. The guy flexes his muscles as he raises his hand.

Juno thinks about how he would be a strong asset to the club, so he nods and points at him "You! You look like a nice strong fellow. Why don't you come on up here and join Crooks and I."

The guy runs his hand through his hair as he stands up and make his way to the platform.

"Very good now, yep stand right next to me on the X there. Now what would be your name young man?"


"Eric? That's a pretty good name! Tell me a bit about yourself Eric."

"I'm a construction worker and at the end of the I'm a romantic."

"Ahh so you're sweet and you're not afraid to get your hands a bit dirty?"

Eric chuckles in his Scottish accent, "I guess you could say that." Juno nods listening.

"So does any particular girl have your heart?"
"No not at the moment."

Juno smirks, "you hear that ladies he's single" he says emphasizing single as he wiggles his eyebrows. 

"Okay enough talking, are you ready to be a part of the show Eric?" Juno waits on his response as Crooks gets everything ready.

"Yes I am ready and so very excited that you picked me."

Juno claps nodding as he hurries him up into this big box with little slits in it for knifes.

He then locks the box from the outside and turns towards the crowd and winks, "viewer discretion is advised ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see will change your life's forever. Crooks will do me the honor of getting the knifes ready please?"

Crooks nods slyly placing the knifes in Juno's hand then he stands off to the side of the box. Juno places the first knife in position and waits a few seconds for effect before he slides it in. The sound of the knife going through echoes throughout the building. He slides the next five in perfectly until there is only one left. Juno takes the last knife and turns towards the crowd, he runs his finger over it slowly.

"Ah this one is very sharp! The last knife of act which in my opinion is the most important part. This one will take somebody's breath away."

He whispers the last part to himself more than to anyone else. He places the knife and pushes it in resulting in a sickening crack. Eric yells from inside as blood drips out of the sides of the box. He bangs on the box begging to be let out. Juno turns his back towards the audience and smiles to himself. He turns towards them again with a worried look on his face as he pats himself for the misplaced 'key'. Eventually the pounding and crying from inside the box stops and it's silent. Juno finds the key and unlocks the box, and pulls it open.

"Come on out Eric. We all are just dying to see you" but what came out of the box next stunned everyone because it wasn't Eric at all. Instead it was some really creepy psychotic looking clown. There was a rip in his lip and a distinctive scar over his eye. A piece of skin missing from his cheek, like something was supposed to be carved there. He smiles and steps out of the box jingling a chain that was hanging down from his belt.

Juno claps "here is the new and improved Eric. How do you feel? Any different?"

Eric nods, "like a new man Juno."

Juno takes his hand and looks deeply into his eyes, "this is a new beginning for you Eric. And we'll start off with giving you a new name because you have a bright future ahead. I would say you look like a Chaos type of fellow. So therefore you will now be known as Chaos welcome to the club."

He thens hurries Chaos off of the platform and smiles at the audience. Then he pulls a circular orb out of his pocket.

"Sorry folks but that's all for today. I'll wake you up in like a couple hundred years."
He laughs and rubs the ball in a circular motion. The whole room begins shaking and then spins making everything distraught and unclear. People scream and try to get out of their seat but the craziest thing is they couldn't move. Soon everything is silent as papers flutter everywhere and he clutches the orb in his hand. Then he throws the orb up playfully and when he caught it blew any dust away. In one swift movement he turned on his heel and stuffed the orb in his pocket. The whole building and platform fold up and disappear from sight. As if they didn't even exist in the first place. Well at least now they never did, the building and platform were just an illusion.

The people were real but now nobody will remember who they were. Or what they did or even how they may have changed the world. Just small figments of a person which will feel like some sort of lost puzzle piece. It only took that one orb to erase their existence.

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