Chapter Seven

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When I woke up the next morning, the hangover was REAL! I wanted to ball up under the cover cause I couldn't stand the sight of the early morning light but I needed something on my stomach so I decided to fix breakfast. I dragged myself all the way to the kitchen, squinting my eyes while looking for something to cook.  I found a box of pancakes and decided that was all I was cooking. My head was already feeling like it was about to explode.

After I was done cooking the pancakes, I sliced some fresh strawberries on top and sat down at the table to eat. Midway through eating,  Stacy walked in. She looked  just as I felt.. A mess.

"Damn I should've never let O.G.  talk me into drinking all that liquor." She said as she flopped down in the chair besides me.

"Hangover beaten that ass up huh? That's what both yall ass get."

I looked you to see Evan standing in the kitchen with nothing but some basketball shorts on.  I couldn't stand to look at him, this man was pulling at my fucking hormones.

" Shut up Evan and Lauren is there more pancakes?"

"Yeah they're on the stove."  I told her as I got up to clean my plate and head in the living room. I sat down on the couch and realized all the shopping bags I brought in the other day were still in the same spot. I pulled them to me to go through it but my phone lit up on the side table. Shid I straight forgot I had a phone until this morning. I rolled my eyes as I powered it off. Whoever it was could wait.

I started to go through the bags but all I wanted to do was sleep. I took two aspirins and I balled up on the couch and went back to sleep.

****6:00PM ****

I stretched out  all far as I could on the couch. I rubbed my eyes before I opened them and guess who was  the first person I saw.. Evan's big head ass playing on the Xbox 360. I just stared at him.

"SHIT NIGGA GET YO ASS OVER THERE! " He yelled at the character which was clearly in combat.

He glanced quickly in my direction.

"Damn." He had lost the mission.

He looked over at me but I pretended to be sleep.

"I lost cause somebody was looking at me."

He said aloud without mentioning a name but I knew he meant me.

I Sat up on the couch and leaned forward on my knees.

"You lost cause you can't play." I said fixing my hair.

"Actually I lost because all I could see was those lace panties of yours."

He motioned toward me and I realized I still had on the big T-shirt from last night. 

I stood up pulling the t-shirt down, feeling embarrased. 

"EVAN!" I said running to Stacy's room to put on bottoms.

"Hey where's Stacy? " I asked coming back in some shorts.

"She went to the store, she said dinner's on her tonight."

"Okay, Well tell her I got to run home for something and I'll be back." I said slipping on a pair of flip flips.

"Okay but what you want me to tell ole boy?"

"Ole boy?" I said.

I thought to myself,  who the fuck is ole boy? I know damn well Marcus didn't come over Stacy's house on some bullshit...

"Ole boy down here, that view got a nigga hard ."

I shot him a look but couldn't help but laugh . I almost knocked the hell out of him for playing like that. Shit.

"Really Evan, you so stupid . " I said grabbing the keys off the table heading out the door.

I couldn't help but think about Evan all the way back to my house. He really had me yerning to feel him inside of me. Umh.. I shook the chills off that came from my vision of sexing Evan.

I pulled up into my driveway and got out to go inside. Everything was just as I left it. I went to take a shower, as you know Stacy and I don't wear the same size so I couldn't put on anything of hers until I made it home.

I got out the shower with a towel wrapped around me and went to find something to wear. I walked into my room and walked into my closet. I pulled out a pair of colorful aztec tights and a black top. I was going for a comfy look and I think I achieved that. I walked back into the room and thew my hair into a high bun before I put on some sandals and left to head back to Stacy's.

Stacy was throwing it down in the kitchen when I got back. She was cooking steak, and  baked potatoes with a salad on the side. For a skinny girl, she could eat and she knew how much I loved baked potatoes.

"It smells so good in here Stacy." I walked into the kitchen. "You need some help?"

"Naw gurl, get out this kitchen."

I walked in the living room and sat indian style on the couch. I pulled my phone out of my bra and turned it on.

7New voicemails,  8 Missed Calls and 5 Texts


Every last one was from Marcus. I texted him back.

Me: What the hell do you want Marcus? 7:54pm

Marcus: Im sorry Lauren. 7:58pm

Me: That's it? You blowing up my phone just to say you sorry? 8:00pm

Marcus: Lauren, Will you please come home so we can talk? 8:02pm

I didn't respond to his last text. I wasn't sure if I wanted to talk to him, let alone see him. I walked in the kitchen and showed Stacy the text messages.

"Are you going to go and see what's up?"

"I don't know Stace, Im not sure if I even want to see him?"

"Just go and see what he says, you aint got to stay there with him. You always welcome at my house. Plus I want to know what the nigga has to say."

Stacy had finished cooking, we had sat down and had a lovely dinner and the food was HELL! My bitch can throw down in the kitchen. After dinner we sat at the kitchen table, just having a woman to woman convo as we sipped on wine and Evan was on the patio smoking.

"So are you going back to the house to met Marcus?"

"Im still thinking about it."

"Just go Lauren, you should hear what he got to say, plus like I said I want to know his damn excuse for cheating too."

I looked out at Evan on the patio and thought for a minute.. Stacy followed my gaze.

"And I know damn well, the answer aint written on Evan's back." She said as she sipped her wine.

We started laughing.

"Okay okay, Ima go.. damn." I sipped my wine.

"You aint moving bitch."

I gave her a look and stood up from the chair sipping the last drop of my wine. Lawd knows I'ma need some liquor in my system for this shit. I grabbed my keys off the living rom table and walked out the door.


I pulled in my driveway behind Marcus' mustang and went inside. Marcus was sitting in the living room drinking a beer, watching  Real Husbands of Hollywood. He turned around when he heard the front door close and stood up.

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