Chapter 1

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"What about lies? (lies)

What about lust? Do you trust yourself?
Anytime you walk out the door
It's a bag full of ones and a lame nigga under your belt"  ~YNW Melly

Destiny's POV

"Girl how you not excited?" My bestie Liyah asked. We was currently at McDonald's eating and talking about the new job I got hired for.

"Im just not. It's a fucking job not rocket science." I said popping a french fry in my mouth. She looked at me like I was crazy.

"Girl you bout to be YNW Melly assistant Mr. Mixed Personalities. His smexy ass." Liyah said.

"Girl it's not that serious. Im lowkey scared, I heard that nigga was crazy and im not tryna die before i hit 18." I said.

"Well all I know is you gotta interview today so don't be so fucking nervous." She said.

"Girl I aint never nervous." I said.

Jamell/Melly POV

"I hope she the right kinda girl for the job." I said talking to my friend Track.

"Nigga she is. She cute and thick, better bag her." He said.

"Im not gon cuff her. She aint even legal yet she gon be 18 in September." I said. My other homie Jay looked at me.

"Hold on, as fine as she is and she aint legal yet? Why you gon hire her?" He asked.

"Because from her bio, she look like assistant material." I said.

"I hope she can handle Melvin." I said.

"Anyways we gon leave, cuz we know ole girl on her way over here so see you later bruh one love." Track said leaving with Jay.

"Lemme get comfortable and wait for this girl." I said laying on my couch and cut on Family Guy.

30 mins later...

"We gon pull up with them sticks and hop out with them choppas. Walking out the ten in Blue Belenciagas. I caught a opp now i got blood on Blue Belenciagas." I sung my song virtual.

"Where this girl at?" I asked. Then I heard a knock at my door.

"Here i come!" I yelled coming towards the door. I opened it and Destiny stood there. She had blue lemonade braids, with a bar piercing in her ear. She had on a pink Nike shirt, black nike shorts and some black jordans.

"Um hey is this the place for the job interview?" She asked.

"Yeah come on in." I said opening the door wider and she walked in.

Damn she gotta fatass

Shut up Melvin.

"Sit on the couch and ima get us some drinks. Do you want anything?" I asked.

"Um a water bottle will be fine." She said, I nodded and went into the kitchen and got 2 Fiji waters.

"Here you go." I said handing her one.

"Thanks." She said opening and drinking it. It was silence for like 45 seconds and I spoke up.

"So why you want the job?" I asked.

"Because I lowkey always wanted to meet you and I want my bag (Money) its simple." She said.

"So you think thats appropriate to say when you tryna get a job?" I asked. She shrug her shoulders.

"At least im being honset." She said.

"Ok so where you from?" I asked. "Im from Atlanta." She said.

"Whats yo body count?" I asked.

"Nigga 1 why you gotta know that?" She asked.

"So tell me some stuff about you." She said. I started laughing.

"Ask siri." I said. She smiled showing her braces.

"Ok so are you Melly or Melvin now?" She asked.

"Im Melly right now. But after 12 im Melvin aint no putting him back." I said.

"Nigga you crazy crazy." She said. I felt my mood darken.

"I aint crazy!" I yelled at her.

"Im sorry that was melvin, he dont like being called crazy." I said apologizing.

"Y-You good im just gon get used to that." She said.

"So whats yo Zodiac Sign?" I asked.

"Im a virgo. What about you?" She aksed.

"Im a Taurus. Aw shit we compatible." I said. She laughed and I laughed to.

"I can tell this job gon be hella fun I cant wait." She said. I laughed at her.

"You fucking silly bro." I said laughing.

"Nigga that windex bottle ass laugh." She said.

"Anyways lemme do something. If you can handle this you hired." I said getting up and hugging her.

"Is this it?" She asked.

"Nah." I said putting her hand on my dick.

"Omg!" She said. I laughed.

"I thought you could handle it?" I asked. I layed her down and started grinding on her, basically giving her a lapdance. I felt my dick rising.

"You feel Melvin jr.?" I asked. She nodded her head.

"You good? It look like you gon die." I asked laughing. She nodded her head. I opened her legs and went in between em just so she could feel me better.

"You beautiful baby." I said. I kissed her on her lips and she damn near had a heart attack I got off of her and smiled.

She handled me she hired.

"So come in tomorrow at 9 o'clock in the morning. You'll be paid 3,500 dollars daily." I said. She nodded and went up to leave.

"Bye Destiny." I said hugging her one last time.

"Bye Jamell." She said kissing me on the cheek.

Another book bihhh

Melly so smexy to me idk why. I like rough hood niggas😂

Yall fw this?

Be breezy

Love yall


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