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it's been a hot minute since i've been home with my mom. it's been crazy, and the crazy will continue. i've only got a week at home until i have to be back in atlanta to film avengers 2.

i sit on our big comfy couch with my best friend bailey. she puts her sweet little nose on the pillow in my lap and begs for one of the pretzels i'm eating. i scratch her cute little head and give her one.

oh, i forgot to mention. bailey is a miniature golden doodle. and, still a puppy, might i add. she's just a cute little fluff ball on legs, if you ask me.

now, before i continue, i'm gonna give you a little bit of background on my family.

i was born june 24th, 1985. 29 years old. my dad died due to a motorcycle accident when i was only two, so i don't really remember him. my older brother is in the military, and my sweet, loving mother has been taking care of us all our lives.

since i move around a lot, i don't own an actual house, so i just live with my mom on my free days.

anyways, enough about me.

"are there any good movies on?" my mom yells from the kitchen.

"uhh, there's bambi, despicable me, and back to the future," i read the movies off of the tv screen.

"ooh! record back to the future, and put on bambi!" mom squeals as she runs into the living room with a big bowl of popcorn. i laugh. she's such a fun-loving person. and a back to the future fan.

i turn on bambi just as he runs out into the meadow yelling "the meadowwww!!!" ugh, he's adorable.

mom, who i thought was actually going to pay attention to the movie, turns to me and frantically asks, "soooo, have you met any cute actors yet?" i look at her with a face that says 'really?' and she just gives me a big goofy grin.

"mom, i'm a 29 year old marvel actress, of course i've met cute guys," i say sarcastically. i mean, technically i've met them. i saw leonardo dicaprio at a gas station in LA and we made some conversation, but not really. i would tell my mom about that, but she would just make fun of me. when i was little, i would watch titanic so much to the point where i was on the edge of my bed screaming "don't let go jack! don't let go!"
yeah, embarrassing.

"i can't wait for you to have a hot celebrity boyfriend," my mom says. honestly, same.

"what about you?" i ask. her daughter is a celebrity, so she's probably hoping she'll pick up george clooney at a red carpet or something.

"ohh, yes, i've thought about that too," she smiles and turns back to the tv. what a dork.

* * *

i'm just hanging outside with my puppy like a normal person, until my agent calls.

"amy, i'm in my free time-" i start, but she quickly interrupts me.

"brooke, i'm not exactly sure why, but sony needs you in atlanta for shooting TOMORROW," she spills her words out.


"WHAT?? but, i just got here a few days ago!"

"yes, i'm aware, but they've started filming a few days early and they need you up there to start filming your scenes. now, pack your bags. i already got your ticket. you're leaving tonight."


"yes, now go!!" and amy ends the call.

what am i going to tell mom?! i barely ever get time with her anymore.

i walk in through our back door and just decide to tell her now so she doesn't panic.

"mom?" i ask.


"i uh... my agent called and said i need to leave TONIGHT."

"what? why?!"

"i don't know, something about filming early. but i'm so sorry i can't spend time with you! i'll ask kevin feige if you could ever come and visit the set," i say.

"honey, don't be sorry. it's okay. you can call me whenever you'd like! it'll be fine!" she assures me. she's never lied to me once, so i know it'll be okay.

i throw her a quick smile and run into my room to pack my stuff. luckily, i didn't completely unpack from my previous movie, so i just threw everything i took out before back in. i grab my bag and head out towards the door. i kiss bailey on the nose and tell her bye.

"bye mom! i love you tons!!" i yell to her.

"bye sweetheart!! have fun and meet hot guys!!" she yells back. i laugh and blow her a kiss before shutting the door and heading to my car. i throw my bags in the backseat and drive off towards the airport.

                               *          *          *

i would tell you about my plane ride to atlanta, but it was pretty boring so let's skip that.

the next day.
our taxi pulls up to the area where everyone's trailers are located. i hop out and amy helps me carry my bags to my trailer. right before i open the door, sony sends me a text.

'so sorry for the late notice!! we're so excited to see you tomorrow on set. get some good sleep!'

i look up from my phone and give amy a harsh look.

"what?" she asks.

"sony just informed me that i'm not supposed to be here until TOMORROW," i exclaim.

"oh, that's what they said? oopsies!" she says, taking my bags into the trailer. i roll my eyes and follow her. another day i could've spent with my mom: wasted.

i plop down on my small bed. i'm literally exhausted. tomorrow's gonna be hard.

"already honey! good luck!" amy says as she walks out of my trailer.

"wait, what? you're leaving?" i sit up on my bed.

"doll, you're not the only one i gotta take care of in this industry. now get some sleep, have fun, and don't faint!" she exclaims.

"faint?" i question.

"when you meet the actors tomorrow!" she answers and shuts the door, leaving me in my thoughts.

oh crap.

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