1. New Year

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January 1, 2017. Another year another murder. It was perfect way to start to a new year for Chloe and Yuto Furuta.

Chloe ties her dark brown hair up on these occasions. Along with wearing dark colors, and finding secluded areas to do such a thing. This certainly wasn't her first rodeo, and if it was her husband would be dead, and she would be locked away. She hauls the body into her pickup truck, and drives home. Humming along to Babymetal as she does.

Yuto can smell it.

He could smell his wife.

His beautiful wife. Her natural perfume. Her lovely estrogen, and the hormones that hinted ovulation. Her sweet milk. He could also smell the thing that she brought for tonight. The lowlife that harmed children.

Yuto can smell that she was at the door. He runs and flings open the door before she got a chance to do it herself. "Hi honey." he kisses his wife, and takes the bagged body. Chloe asked about any new years mochi that was leftovers from last night. "It should be on the kitchen table." Yuto informs his wife.

Chloe waltzes to the table and picks up a piece of the freshly made delicacy. It was still a little soft, so she uses some force to create a divot. She pours a few dots of soy sauce into the spot and eats it.

"Look, it's mama." Chloe turns and sees their son.

"Honey, what is Ajax doing still up?"

"He woke up when he heard you at the door." Yuto says defensively. Chloe takes their son, a little five-month-old, and he instantly rests his head against her chest. She plants a kiss on his head, and begins to put him to sleep.

Yuto watches his wife as he cooks his meal. A simple steak with some ponzu would do for tonight. He stuffs the rest of the body parts into a freezer which he promptly locked. Yuto sits with his meal. Ponzu steak cooked rare, and white rice. He digs in.

"Ajax down. I repeat. Ajax down." Chloe whispers playfully, while tiptoeing over to her husband to join him. She watches as he eats "I'm starting to see the appeal you have on viewers when you eat." she props her chin on her palm, the weight of her head causes her elbow to be pressed against the table "How is he, is he delicious?" Chloe asks.

"He'll do for now." Yuto says before taking a giant bite "I'm glad he's not the typical gross fat one, they taste terrible." he grimaces at the memory of eating an overweight, greasy child molestor. He finishes his food and smells something. It wasn't Ajax, he was in his cradle. It wasn't him. He looks at Chloe. "Is that you?" Yuto asks his wife when realizes what the scent was. A mating scent.

Chloe slowly gets up. She suddenly sprints to the bedroom door. "Last one there is a bottom!" Yuto gets up, leaving his dirty dishes for tomorrow, and chases after his wife in heat.

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