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"Xhan, wait, don't just-" You sighed as the prince ran aboard the ship, and you followed him slowly, exasperated. "You really aren't supposed to just barge into someone's training... Of course, that's what you do." You shrugged. "That's what happens when you're Xhan. Or literally anyone, I assume."

Finally looking up from the ground, you realized that Xhan had been talking to all the bladers in the ship.


"It's me!"

"Uh..." You stood there with a deadpan expression on your face. "Wait, why did I follow him?"

Xhan laughed. "There's nothing I loathe more than a dull journey!"

"How about me giving you a song nickname, Xanny?" you announced. "I thought you despised it."


You grinned. "That's my name, don't wear it out!"

"Who are you?" Aiga asked.

You'd been watching the cruise with Xhan, so you knew who everyone was. "That's for you to find out, red boy."

"Hey, you're his sister!" Laban exclaimed. "I didn't know you bladed!"

"I don't. I followed him here for some reason, probably to make sure he didn't do something stupid. Knowing him , though, he wouldn't." You shrugged. "I really have nothing to do."


You leaned against the wall, watching as Aiga battled Xhan. "Huh. He might just change your mind about staying, brother."

Xcalibur and Achilles hit each other repeatedly, rebounding each time.

"Coming up on Fourth Impact," you mumbled, watching both beys collide midair. "Aiga can't win against it."

"Z Buster!"

"Fourth Impact!"

Just as you expected, Achilles burst.

"Maybe he won't go..." You began to walk out of the arena until you heard your brother yelling. You snapped your head back only to hear what you were dreading.

"I shall remain on this vessel and join you all in your travels."

You looked down. "Now it'll seem so empty back home."

"Hold the phone! Did he just change his mind?!"

"Wish he didn't," you mumbled before leaning on the wall.

"Xhan Bogard is joining the Battleship Cruise!"

"I believe this will prove to be quite fruitful to my training. Furthermore, I wish to battle you again!" Xhan pointed at Aiga.

"Well, guess he found his rival. Just like Xhaka said."



"Yes." You turned around.

"I'm trusting you not to be too reckless while I'm gone," Xhan said.

"No promises! Best of luck to you, Xanny!"

"Ah- [Name]!"

You grinned and began running back to the castle. "I'll make sure to watch your battles!"

"Farewell, sister!"

You began running backwards to wave to him and almost immediately stumbled. "Bye, Xhan!" You smiled and slowed down your pace as to not fall.


Haha sorry for the short chapter it's only like half the episode

It's gonna be an immediate time skip to the end of the cruise lol

I promise I'll try to make the next chapter longer

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