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I woke up in my bed alone.
K: come on you have school.
J: what!
I got ready and walked to school.
It was a private school. My first and my only lesson was history. It was just me and a teacher.
T: hello Jayden I'm miss d. You can call me Freya.
I really wanted sex. Like so badly it hurt me. I was being turned into a sex addict. But I want it. I wanna feel love everyday. I wanna feel someone touching me in forbidden places. I bit my lip trying to seduce my teacher while she was trying to teach me about Isaac Newton. I dropped my pen on the floor on purpose. She came over and bent down. Her butt was straight in my face. She looked so good.
J: damn.
I muttered under my breath. She put my pen back on my desk. Then walked across the room to hers. My boobs were about to bust out of my top. Suddenly both her boobs popped out of her shirt.
She put them back in.
F: you look like you can't see come sit on my desk.
I sat on her desk and paid my full attention to what she was teaching.
She pulled down my skirt.
F: I have teased you too much it's about time I taught you a special lesson. It's about pleasure. And I'm gonna teach you.
She sat me at the end of her desk then unbuttoned my shirt.
I was naked. She traced her fingers slowly to my vagina from my chin. She thrust her fingers inside of me really fast and then started giving me hickeys all down my body I screamed, moaned and felt so helpless yet so pleasured.
J: agh! Fuck Frey!
Third person pov
Freya took her finger out of jaydens pussy and acknowledged her huge boobs. Freya cupped them and cupped them. She twirled her fingers round them and occasionally would try and cause Jayden to have a breastgasm.
Freya stepped back and looked at the moaning mess that was slowly melting on the table.
Jayden pov.
She stepped back. Smirked then slowly walked towards me. She pinned me down to the desk. She kissed all down my body then got to my pussy then licked all the juices flowing from it which caused me to orgasm.
I started moaning like crazy. I seriously couldn't handle myself. She licked faster.
I started moaning again. This time more loud and I couldn't stop. My Body wanted to have this everyday. The school bell rang.
F: we can go to mine if you like.
She lifted me in the car. Still while i was naked. She shoved a vibrator in me. It sent different pulses of vibrations through my body. Thump. Thump thump prrrr. Thump prrrr. Prrrr prrrr thump. Prrr. I cummed all over the car seat.
F: here.
She picked me up and took me to her house. She made me do doggy position on the bed and then she started humping my butt. Then she scissored me making me scream in pleasure. The feeling she was giving me was indescribable. I fell asleep

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