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a/n: not a lot of angst, towards the end is a small bit.


I was waiting outside, for what? I wasn't sure, all I know is my closest friend went missing a week ago and he just called me. I would go to the police to track him, but if he's in danger that would put him at risk for talking to me. He said he was okay and not worry, but what threw me off was the fact that he said he would be paying UA a visit, not coming back. I needed to clear my head, I decided to walk around the UA campus. I had gotten permission to be out after hours since I told Aizawa and Principal Nezu I was behind and needed to do extra training. I guess that my plans for training would be cut short because out of the corner of my eye I saw flashing green, Deku. I felt someone behind me, I whipped around and froze in my tracks. The league of villains, what do they want with me. I felt back hit someone, I looked up and saw Deku with a smirk on his face. "What, what the hell?" I asked as I looked back at the league, Deku put a hand on my shoulder before pointing to everyone.

He was different, something snapped inside of him. "I knew you would come here, god you're so predictable. Anyway, this is Tomura, Dabi, Toga, and Kurogiri. You'll meet everyone else back at the bar." I tensed up, "Oh, don't worry. If they even mention laying a finger on you, I'll kill them." I struggled to understand what was happening, and then it hit me. He joined them, after the fight with Bakugou he hasn't been the same. Until one day, he just stopped showing up. "We want you to join us, I've told them about your quirk. We're going to help you gain control of it." He said sweetly, the Izuku Midoriya I knew was there but he was clouded.

I swallowed, if I say no they could kill me. If I say yes, I can help bring Izuku back. I clutched onto my phone, I was looking at pictures of me and Midoriya before he went missing. I want to save him, in doing that I could lose everything. There was a method in his madness, he wanted something out of this and once that goal was reached he would be back. "Fine." I shakily said, Deku smiled and I felt the glares of everyone digging into my skin. Before I could change my mind, a portal opened and we walked through. His hand still clamped tightly on my shoulder, shielding me from the others.

It's been a few months since I agreed to join, Deku kept his promise and I've gained control of my quirk. My quirk was powerful, I don't use it much because I have barely any control and people get scared every time I use it. I could take the matter or objects surrounding me and either absorb it and send it back somewhere else, or disintegrate it. I can do it with people, anything. When I lose control or get overwhelmed it becomes unstable and I can make massive holes or craters in the ground. I've killed multiple people on accident when I was little, my parents did their best to hide it from the outside world. I was currently sitting on a stool, we were supposed to go attack the USJ again. This time, we were all going. I had gotten the details, class 1-A and 1-B were merging classes to learn to adapt or work with quirks they weren't compatible with in rescue missions.

Deku sat on a stool next to me, he was different. I knew why, and I wanted to do anything to help him.

I sighed as I held onto Deku's hand, he smiled at me. "Why? Why did you decide to do this? I thought you wanted to be a hero since you were little." He chuckled and patted my head, moving in front of me. He fixed his gloves and adjusted the tie, even if he was so different; he was still hot. I scolded myself, this is serious.

He sighed and turned towards me, his calm green eyes replaced with a hurt red. "You see, I didn't want this. I wanted to be a hero, to protect you." He smiled and traced my jawline with his index finger, I melted to his touch. "However, in that fight with Bakugou, I realized something very important. I've been treated like nothing, people don't see me as powerful or strong. Even if they did, that won't stop them from underestimating me. I want to show them, I want to show Bakugou that he isn't all that. He's nothing more than a pawn in this unfair life. It was awfully hard being apart from you, though, I want the same for you. People walk over you, Y/N, they use you and I can't stand that. We're going to prove them wrong, my dear." He kissed my forehead and then wrapped his arms around me, "We're going to take over their ego, show them that they really are nothing."

He smiled at me, "We're finally going to show them. Not just class 1-A, either, we're gonna show the whole world. If things go bad, I want you out of there. You can carry my legacy, darling." He kissed my hand and nodded at Kurogiri. We both stood, Kurogiri opened a warp hole to the USJ. This time, things won't go bad. Tomura, Dabi, and Toga were already there. A few other thugs and members were there. I smiled at our class, staring in fear once again.

This time, I get to play the villain. I will admit, the fear in their eyes was a bit thrilling. I learned to enjoy striking fear in people, Deku helped me with that. I locked eyes with my classmates, guilt was a constant thing I had to deal with. Normally, I would let it get the best of me but this time I knew if I did that we would be in danger.

Class 1-A & 1-B P.O.V

Bakugou ran over, joining the rest of their class. "Holy shit their really attacking again? Didn't they learn last time, we're too strong." Kirishima laughed but stopped as soon as he saw the two familiar faces, "Guys, please don't tell me that's who I think it is."

Denki nodded, "Please tell me my eyes are playing tricks." He said as he watched the two people he admired in his class, smirk at them evilly. Mina gulped and shook her head, the whole class wanted to hear someone say it wasn't you. Even if they knew it was, they wanted to hear that it was someone playing a sick prank and you and Izuku were just living in a different state.

Todoroki sighed and focused his eyes on you, he wasn't that worried about Izuku because he could beat him. He was worried that you had trained, and if you had, it would be the end of every person standing in the USJ right now.


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