21 Questions

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Skylar's POV

I fidget with the note in between my fingers. Should I open it? Probably. But I'm not going to, at least, not today. I just came here and I don't already want to feel sad and depressed, well, minus the leaving the hospital. I decide to go to bed.


My alarm blares and I shoot up, I'm still in my uniform. I change out of the uniform and into clothes that have the Army's logo on it. I brush my teeth and walk out, I'll have breakfast and take a shower later. 

I go outside of the building and see everyone in their bomb outfits and looking at the bombs. 

"Alright everyone!" I yell, gathering their attention. "Yesterday you guys may have read me as a leader, which I technically am. But, after I catch you all up to everything that goes around here, I want you to take me as a friend." I smile. "But for now, I am your teacher/mentor/leader."

I hear footsteps walk towards us, I turn around and see the boys that were talking yesterday just coming now. 

"Unbelievable." I shake my head. "Why are you guys late?"

"We didn't have enough time to get ready." Answers Brad.

"This isn't high school!" I say. "It's the army, now, give me 50!"

Some sigh others groan, but little Brad and his friends drop down to the floor and start doing push-ups. 

"You're lucky I didn't make you do it the bomb uniforms." I say, and turn my attention back to everyone. "While they are doing their push-ups, I am going to explain to you all what we're going to do." Everyone nods and I continue talking. "I am going to be teaching you all how to defuse 10 different types of bombs, so I want you all to take this VERY seriously, what I teach you here today might save you and other people!"

"Yes Ma'am!" They all salute.

I walk over to the different tables with different types of bombs on them.

"Here we have pressure bombs with mercury switches." I say, then I walk to another table. "Here are the IEDs with cell phone detonators, and on this table the most commonly known, the C4."

Someone raises their hand and I point at them, they ask a question.

"Will there be a way of telling if we're good or not?" He asks.

"Yes, there will be a timer." I say, everyone puts their little 'game on' smirks. "BUT, I do not want ANYONE to be taking this competitively, or I will make them run for a unimaginable long period of time. Do not underestimate me."

Everyone turns off their little 'game on' smirks and turn their attention fully on me. Brad and his friends join us with their disgustingly sweaty bodies.

"Welcome back boys." I say. "I'm happy for you to finally join us, I hope it's going to be for the best, because I don't want to waste my words on saying push-ups."

They nod and listen to what I tell them.

Alyssa's POV

I can't believe how good of a leader Skylar is. I wish I also was that good. I wonder if it came from her mom's side or our dad's side. Oh yeah, turns out that we're half sisters, isn't that great? I should tell her as soon as possible. 

"Come on guys!" She yells.

The Captain walks over to us and compliments our work, mostly Skylar's leadership. He calls Skylar inside to talk. I wonder what that's about?

"Your sister is hot." Whispers my friend, Fallon.

"Calm down, she probably has a boyfriend." Says my other friend, Molly.

"You all never know." I say. "But, don't get with her." They both shoot me looks. "At Least not until I tell her."

"Fine..." They say.

We continue concentrating on trying to disarm as many different bombs as we can, I manage to get through five until Skylar comes back.

"Okay guys!" She yells. "Your bomb disarming is over! Get back inside, it's breakfast time!"

"HOORAY!" We all yell, making Skylar shake her head, hiding a smile.

We all take off the bomb suits and rush inside. We walk into the dinning area, it kind of looks like a high school cafeteria, with many tables spread around and the food hand out area thing.  

Molly, Fallon and I grab food and sit with Skylar, who is at the table all the way in the back, eating by herself. 

"Hey!" We say.

"Oh, hey guys." She smiles. "How are you guys doing?"

"Good." We smile back. 

"Let's play a game!" Suggest Molly. "It's called 21 questions, we get to ask you 21 questions and you can ask us 21 questions too."

"A game to get to know each other." Nods Skylar. "Smart." 

"Thank you." Smiles Fallon. "We start."

"Okay." Nods Skylar, as I roll my eyes.

"Are you single?" Asks Fallon.

"Oh my god." I facepalm.

"No." Laughs Skylar.

"Dang it." Whisper Molly and Fallon.

"Sorry girls." She smiles. "I have a girlfriend back home."

"Ohh, okay." We smile.

"What about you guys?" Says Skylar. "I already know Fallon and Molly are, what about you Alyssa?"

"You know it." I say.

"Do you have a job out of the army?" Asks Fallon. "If yes, what is it?"

"Isn't that two questions?" Asks Skylar, Fallon shoots her a look. "Okay, whatever." Skylar lifts her hands up in defeat. "Yes, I do, I'm a surgeon at Rose General Hospital."

She's just like her mom, a surgeon, and I bet she's a great one too.

"Do you guys have jobs outside of the army?" Asks Skylar. "And if yes, what are they?" 

"Yes." We all say.

"We all just got out of college." I say.

"huh, okay." Says Skylar. 

"Why did you take a year off of the army?" Asks Molly.

"I-uh." Stumbles Skylar.

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to." I say.

"No, it's okay." She smiles. "My best friend and girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend, got killed in a bomb. I wasn't stabley okay."

"Oh my god..." We all say. "We're so sorry."

"It's okay." She smiles. "I'm growing a bit more and more from it."

"Doctor Grey!" Yells the Captain.

"Yes Captain?" Skylar shoots up and salutes him.

"Can I talk to you for a bit?" He asks.

"Yes sir." She says and walks outside.

"Why did you have to ask that?" Fallon and I smack Molly at the back of the head.

"OW!" She says. "I didn't know that happened!"

That must have been so horrible for her... But, I wonder why the captain called her again? What are they always talking about? It's barely been a day and he's pulled her away three times.

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