Chapter 6

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Once rules have been broken, it's hard to go back. So when they wake up Saturday morning, tangled like they were Wednesday morning, neither says a word.

They simply share a look before Jisoo gets out of bed and stalks into the living room, not bothering to put on clothes – Jennie stares.

The time it takes for Jisoo to make coffee for them she uses to contemplate the night before – and to overthink what Jennie meant by saying "lose control". She ponders over it as she stirs the sugar through her cup and stares blankly into the living room.

"Jisoo!" Jennie's voice breaks her from her thoughts and she can't help but smile. "I know for a fact it doesn't take ten minutes to make coffee. Get back here!"

So Jisoo grabs both cups and slowly makes her way back to the bedroom, where Jennie is sitting up against the headrest, not so patiently waiting for her coffee.

"I don't remember you being grumpy in the morning." Jisoo says as she hands Jennie a cup.

"I am when I was drinking the night before."

"Right, so I'm meeting hung-over Jennie now?"

Jennie glares at her over the brim of her cup.

"I'm not hung-over." Jisoo raises a sceptical eyebrow as she gets back in bed. "Just annoyed to be awake already."

And Jisoo smirks into her cup. "I can make that worth your while."

Jennie looks at her, lets her eyes roam over Jisoo's exposed torso and then lets her head fall back against the headrest with a groan. "Coffee first."

Jisoo just laughs, but they finish their coffee in silence. Jennie downs it much quicker than Jisoo does, so when Jennie lies back down, Jisoo keeps watching her from where she's still sitting against the headrest.

"Your friends are interesting."

Jennie groans again. "My friends are embarrassing."

"Were you embarrassed?"

"Imagine you didn't know me. How would it sound to you if my best friend exclaims how proud she is of me because I bought a sex cave?"

"I thought it wasn't a sex cave?"

"That is beside the point."

"It is exactly the point."

"No, it's too early for this."

"It's one in the afternoon, Jennie."

The silence returns as Jisoo lies down again as well and they lie there, simply staring up at the ceiling.

"What are the odds though?" Jennie mumbles.


"Joohyun and Chaeyoung."

"Oh, yeah. They even knew each other before we did."

"That just makes it even weirder."

Jisoo turns to Jennie then, a mischievous glint in her eyes as her lips quirk up in a barely there smirk. "Maybe it's fate."

Jennie snorts in response, making Jisoo smile – but Jennie just misses it when she closes her eyes to laugh. She looks back at Jisoo, smile long gone, but smirk still in place.

"Oh please, talk about that all you want with your writer friends, but not with me. I don't believe in fate."

"Spend a little time with me and you will."

Jennie rolls over then, leaning on her elbows as she stares down at Jisoo, her eyes taking in every inch of visible skin. Her hand instinctively reaches for Jisoo's collarbone, tracing the outline for a mesmerized moment. Then Jennie smirks and moves again to straddle Jisoo, the sheets falling around her hips, baring even more skin.

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