Chapter Two-Six Unsightly Lines

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It was now September 12th, approximately two months after... that night, and they haven't talked about it. At all. It was as if that night had been wiped off of the calendar (Michelle was fine with that notion). They had both silently agreed to never speak of it. Instead of dealing with the issue, they chose to be as awkward as humanly possible around each other. Well, Peter had anyway. Michelle was decent (or so she liked to think) at acting natural and skilled at hiding emotion. Not that there were many emotions to hide.

It was a done deal, right?

That's not saying that she no longer had a crush. And maybe she did still have a desire to date him and kiss him and all that teenage trash. And yeah, this did kind of cause her to be a skosh awkward. She was also curious, after that fateful night, if Peter had similar feelings towards her. But as of late, they seemed to be ignoring any chemistry they ever may have had in order to just be plain awkward.

At first, the tension was difficult to stand. But as the weeks passed, it slowly, very slowly, got easier.

Peter couldn't even look at her without his face flushing for a month. He'd stammer and trip over his words (or his own two feet), and sometimes she'd even catch him staring at her (she just excused it as Peter Parker being, well... Peter Parker).

She rightfully assumed he didn't tell Ned; she definitely would have heard by now if he had. That boy was always asking questions about everything, and Michelle would swear on her life that one day that quality would send him to his grave.

Now it's not so bad; it's actually somewhat back to normal. They can hold a conversation, for the most part, without Michelle wanting to suddenly stop mid-sentence and grab his stupid face and kiss his stupid lips (she may have some pent-up anger).

Though Michelle wishes (she tells herself she doesn't) that they could have a happy ending (what? she hates happy endings), she can't say she's all that shell-shocked life had carried on.

It was just a one night stand.

They're only human.

Just because they had sex didn't mean that they were going to end up on some crazy new sitcom: 'Sixteen and Married'.

So, after all of that, Michelle should have expected it. No, she should not have expected it. In fact, never in a million years would she have ever guessed this would happen to her.

Not to Michelle; Michelle is responsible. Always. Her dad trusts her. Her mom trusts her. Her little sister knows something weird is going on, but that's to be discussed later when Michelle has the headspace to deal with all this.

If you asked her, Michelle would say that out of all the girls at school, she was the least likely candidate. And that out of all the guys, Peter was the least likely accessory to their perfect crime.

They did use protection after all. She paid attention in health class, she has the internet, and she knows the stories.

The thought hadn't even crossed her mind when she puked not once, but twice, in her toilet after eating breakfast. Flu season is coming up, she told herself. Or when Michelle developed the bladder of an infant and had to use the restroom two times an hour. She's just over-hydrating, she told herself. And sure, it's weird that she's still dead tired after a full five hours (so she likes to stay up late reading; sue her) of sleep, but Michelle figured that was just normal; everyone is always tired. It's nothing special.

The biggest clue in all of this and perhaps the most embarrassing one to have not investigated was the fact that she missed her period. Fuck, how could Michelle pride herself for being observant when she dismissed that? At first, she had just written it off as being irregular. She's a teenager, it happens; she only had sex once, and since she and Peter never mentioned it, it just didn't come to her mind as being even remotely possible.

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